Online Emr Company Provides New Direction To Industry

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Online PR News – 14-December-2009 – – New company turns online storage into the next generation of EMR

EMDMC has created the next generation of EMR as a total on-line solution for institutions, physicians, and patients. Access to medical records is no longer limited to doctors because EMDMC’s vision is to allow patients the unprecedented opportunity to view, upload, and store their own medical information with ease. With EMDMC being an on-line solution, patient records can be accessed and viewed anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection. The nifty “emergency access” link allows any professional the ability to see patient records in a matter of seconds which can ultimately save lives. The product also gives the option of 4 languages to choose from- English, German, Spanish and French, giving it the ability to reach all corners of the world.

Peter Haasz, president of EMDMC, describes the site as “so simple that a novice can use it.” EMDMC’s main focus on the creation of the site is emphasizing simplicity and the ability to use office equipment already in existence. Peter adds, “We have no expensive add-ons, no thousand page manuals to read; just a simple, yet powerful program capable of changing the way the medical industry does business.”

Protecting client identity and records are important functions of any online site, but EMDMC has taken it to the extreme. “We have implemented numerous security features that include a firewalled database that is also encrypted, extra long passwords, and SSL (Secured Socket Layer) to name a few; and as technology advances, we will add more,” Mr. Haasz remarks.

EMDMC charges a one-time yearly fee to gain access to its site. This includes commensurate fees for institutions, physicians, and patients. There is no limit to how much or what you upload as Mr. Haasz explains, “We have accommodated for every possible document extension like pdf, jpg, bmp, and wav formats. You can add EKG and MRI images, sonograms, and x-rays - just to name a few. Our only limit is the size of an item which is 20MB.” Peter continues, “We don’t charge for updates and with it being on-line, we can update it daily if required.”

EMDMC was founded in 2009 to give consumers and health care professionals an affordable and easy solution to EMR. Its basic ideology is to make EMR available to everyone in the health care industry and the world at affordable prices.
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