– Muslims in Fujairah Observe Ramadan
06/02/2011 highlights that the start of Ramadan is due to begin on 1st August and Muslims worldwide will be fasting for the whole month.

Online PR News – 02-June-2011 – – The exact start date of Islam’s holiest month can never be determined fully as the religion follows a lunar calendar and Ramadan officially begins the following day after the crescent of the moon is seen in the night’s sky. The crescent sighting called the hilal marks the beginning and end of the fasting as people break the fast on the second sighting when the month comes to an end.

Going by the Islamic calendar Ramadan constitutes the ninth month and as well as the fasting it’s a time of generosity, devotion, reflection and sacrifice. The reason people will be abstaining from eating at certain times of the day is that by doing so Muslims learn about how to be without. Fasting teaches about compassion as people can feel for the poorest people that can’t even afford to eat.

Prayer times will also occur five times a day and these are to say to bring Muslims closer to God through greater devotion and develop the feeling of being more charitable towards others. Muslims booked into a Fujairah hotel over Ramadan can visit Fujairah’s Islamic Centre in the city which will be hosting prayer times.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: “This is a busy time in the city and hotels will probably be occupied in a short amount of time so bookings should be made in advance.”