Auto Insurance Site Provides New Information on SR22 Insurance Certificate Requirements

The sr22 insurance certificate requirement mandated by States for specific circumstances is at best confusing to motorists. Many do not know about the requirement and end up being out of compliance. An auto insurance site aims to change all that.

Online PR News – 03-June-2011 – – There are numerous requirements of motorists today, and few can keep up with the complexities and bureaucratic demands that seemingly have no end in sight. Those with the misfortune of having violated a designated regulation find themselves in the unenviable position of have to comply with even more bureaucratic demands before they are given back the privilege to drive. Though regulations vary by state typically, a court decision or state regulation will require an sr22 insurance certificate of financial responsibility for certain driving violations such as DUI, driving without insurance, reckless driving and other driving offenses as determined by the state's governing motoring body. The site has new information that articulates the whole concept and other supporting sr22 insurance information in great detail for their readers.

In effect, and sr22 is simply a certificate issued by the insuring institution attesting to the fact that the individual noted in the certificate is covered by a specific auto insurance liability policy that meets or exceeds that which is required by the state. Typically, the insurance company can assist their customer in completing and filing the sr22 form with the proper state authorities. Proper service by insurance company representatives should make this entire process easy and seamless, though there could be difficulties from time to time; thus, it is in the best interest of the driver to ensure that his or her insurance company is competent at performing sr22 filings.

Easily enough, sr22 insurance quotes are available from virtually any state licensed insurance company. Many often confuse sr22 insurance and hence by extension sr22 insurance quotes as some form of special insurance. As the site will attest to, there is no such thing as an sr22 insurance. It is not a specific product that insurers have in their portfolio, but rather an additional requirement that is required of a motorist who buys insurance. What separates sr22 insurance, to use the common term, from the rest of its brethren is simply the added requirement to file specific certificate of financial responsibility forms with the appropriate officials, typically in the state office.

Given that most states charge a fee to file the sr22 certificate, it follows that most sr22 insurance quotes will also have an added expense on top of the policy cost itself. Generally, the filing fee represents a one time charge that motorists will have to pay at the time the policy is underwritten, and is usually billed to the motorist in a separate and distinct financial transaction because the charge is specific to locale, and thus is not uniform across all places where the insurance policy is sold. Once filed, the sr22 certificate is valid for the duration of the policy. Of course, in the event that the policy is prematurely terminated, the insurance company will notify the proper state office of the termination of coverage.

"Motorists who need clarity in terms of sr22 insurance requirements will be interested to know that we have assembled state specific sr22 insurance information in our site, and readers no longer need to cull bits and pieces of information from all over the Internet because we provide it all to them, conveniently under one roof," explains Steven Merusi of

Our site endeavors to provide clear, concise and relevant information to consumers who need clarity around motoring regulations, specifically as it relates to sr22 insurance and what motorists need to know in order to be compliant with the law.

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