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Those who are based out of Ventura, California need not worry about dog training or about pet sitting service anymore. They can get reliable services at

Online PR News – 18-May-2009 – – Ventura, California - The number of pet owners in the US is increasing fast as per one of the latest reports. People find owning pets to be one of the most effective ways of finding an outlet for their stress. They find that by spending even just a few minutes with their pets relieves them of their stress. However, along with the benefits of owning pets comes the responsibility. It is important that pets are well trained, and to make sure they learn good habits. Untrained pets can become an added stress to a family and themselves. Training pets requires lot of patience and time and not everyone can afford the kind of time needed for training pets.

Those who are based out of Ventura, California need not worry about dog training or about pet sitting service. has a reliable Ventura dog trainer who is Pet CPR certified to handle all dog training needs. Loretta and Jessica is a dog training couple based out of Ventura. They have over 10 years of experience in dog training and pet sitting. Pets are their passion and they have dedicated their life to pets and to help pet owners feel secure while away, knowing there babies are in good hands. They also believe that a well-trained dog is key to there balance and health as well as there human.

Dog training is not for everyone and pet owners who have tried dog training will know that it is serious commitment. Loretta and Jessica train both pets and pet owners to help them establish a strong bond.

At, they provide reliable pet sitting service; they take care of clients’ pets as their own because they simply love the animal kingdom. also offer training in beginner level agility and search dog rescue. For more information on Ventura dog training services, visit

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