PLR Ebooks, Software and Article Store Introduces New Membership Service
06/05/2011 is a new digital product store that extensively indexes and catalogues private label rights, and master resell rights ebooks, software, articles, template, videos, and niche products in a vast array of categories.

Online PR News – 05-June-2011 – – Subang Jaya, Selangor Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resell Rights (MRR) is the licensing rights for a product that dictates whether or not a product can be resold, and if yes, the conditions and restrictions by which they can be sold. PLR and MRR can be considered one of the best ways tomake a living online. There is no denying that article writers, ebooks authors and software developers, who provide resale rights license with their products end up selling more copies than those who don't, this is because the resellable digital product is fueled by content, and people will gladly buy your product if they can use it as well as benefit monetarily from it.

The private label rights store was envisioned and developed by Devan Kumar and Brian Teh in 2011, both rising internet marketers and entrepreneurs. Very often, necessity is the mother of all inventions, and the same can be said about how came to be. PlrSifu was started by a group of marketers tired of the unprofessional arena that is internet marketing. The company aspired to be a one stop treasure trove for marketers, publishers, and authors alike so they can obtain internet marketing ebooks, niche ebooks, software, scripts, turnkey websites, templates videos and audios with private label or master resell rights at attractive prices.

"We never imagined the site to take off so fast, because we saw a need, and worked towards filling the void in the low cost digital product market" said the co-founder Brian Teh. The online store became an immediate success within just a few months from minimal advertising, proving that marketers are tired from crawling site to site, which usually results in information overload. They give sworn testimonials that spoke of how they've become dissatisfied of certain memberships types that over-promise but under-deliver. This led them to reject the "minisite theory". Hence, was born and the people behind it never looked back since.

The product packages that are usually sold with private label rights are turnkey solutions that comes with pre-loaded websites, licensing information, graphic source files, and the product themselves. There is a virtually limitless number of things that can be done with them; the sales page can be uploaded to one's own own server, it can be given away, repackaged as part of a bigger package, offered as a bonus, edited completely with your name on it, used as web content, broken down into articles, added to paid membership sites, added to free membership sites, added to auction sites, sold with or without the resell rights or private label rights, or have its license sold separately. One can even claim copyrights (private label rights) on products, depending on its individual license.

Resale rights are not an internet trend or fad because they've been around for years, because there is a huge demand and market for it.'s goal is to let internet marketers circumvent the tedious steps in research, surveying, copy-writing, product creation and skip right ahead to selling. Plrsifu Members are given daily updates of digital products and resellable material each unique in its own right and full of purposeful information. With plr packages, marketers stand to get gigabytes of Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights products and resellable materials, some replete with their own sales page and source code. "While we are on the topic of free, let me just add that Plrsifu also has a lot of free PLR and MRR products in its database for non-members" clarifies site founder, Devan. is run and managed by a network marketing company; For more information visitPlrsifu PLR store's plr ebooks, software and plr articles is run and managed by a network marketing company; (My Video Talk). For more information on Plrsifu PLR store's plr ebooks, software, plr articles, videos, graphics and templates visit