M Rugged Mobile Assures Their Refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks with Warranty

M Rugged Mobile Technology presents the best mobile computer solutions, offering Panasonic Toughbooks, but at a significantly reduced price. The Re/Newed Panasonic Toughbooks offer greater reliability than any rebuilt or refurbished product, and they comes with a one year warranty that includes the battery.

Online PR News – 02-June-2011 – – Public servants that protect our communities need access to dependable portable computers, but they also have to adhere to a budget. M Rugged Mobile Technology provides the perfect solutions with their exclusive Re/Newed Panasonic toughbooks. These refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks cost significantly less, but also come with a one year warranty that includes the battery.

Professionals in the fire, police, or EMS services know about the quality and durability associated with Toughbook mobile devices like the CF-18, CF-19, CF-29, and CF-30. They also know the cost can be hard to defend when so many department budgets have been cut back.

When you receive a Re/Newed product from us every feature every perk and every ounce of reliable performance is the same as buying a new Mobile Toughbook

“The police, fire, and EMS professionals who protect our lives everyday don’t need to worry that they can’t get the quality equipment they need,” M Rugged Mobile owner Mark Koprowski said.

At M Rugged Mobile Technology, the Re/Newing process for the refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks take refurbishment a step further, because satisfaction is the number one concern for the company. The process starts with a thorough evaluation of the mobile Toughbooks. Any defective, or even worn, parts are replaced. Every part of the Re/Newed toughbooks are as good as new.

“When you receive a Re/Newed product from us, every feature, every perk, and every ounce of reliable performance is the same as buying a new Mobile Toughbook,” Koprowski states. “Our highly trained technicians will make sure of it.”

Anyone who needs reliable mobile technology in the field should research M Rugged Mobile Technology’s inventory of RE/Newed Toughbooks online at www.mruggedmobile.com. If any product is not available, contact M Rugged Mobile Technology.

About M Rugged Mobile Technology:

M Rugged Mobile Technology sells and services new and Re/Newed rugged laptops, Brother mobile printers, vehicle mount and accessories building customer trust and providing the best in RE/Newed Toughbooks and other mobile workstation solutions. They are industry leading providers of ultimate mobile technology including refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks.

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