Helpful New Project Will Launch Soon
06/04/2011 launches new project: Academic Boost supports students online for free

Online PR News – 04-June-2011 – – LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, JUNE 2, 2011 – is launching a new service online, called Academic Boost. This completely free resource will collect useful articles, reviews, sample essays and advice for students, or anyone facing writing challenges. Academic Boost will appear soon, and staff are excited about creating it. has observed that many students arrive at college less than completely prepared. Language barriers are very common, and not all secondary schools teach academic writing equally well. There is a disturbing trend towards multiple-choice assessments, and away from essays, which, not surprisingly, require a great deal more instructor effort.

The results are also disturbing. We have noticed that even competent student writers find themselves floundering a bit when they face an unfamiliar type of assignment. They may have done a few varieties of papers, for example, an essay, but nothing with a full bibliography. Alternatively, they may never have been asked to provide a deeply personal response to a text, and find the prospect very uncomfortable and even alien.

As a custom writing company, we can, of course, take on the task of writing model papers for such customers, start to finish, research to proofing. Our professional team of writers and editors do this all the time, and they do it, we think, rather competently. However, has noticed that, while all the folks who turn to us need some extra help, they do not always, necessarily, need our writing services.

Many of these students need specific direction or guidance with their writing questions. This can often be rather straightforward.

They may need to understand how to create an annotated bibliography, or paraphrase another’s words. They might be confused about checking for congruence between thesis and conclusion. It might help them to see a sample of a properly constructed 5 paragraph critical and analytical expository essay, or a personal response to a text. has the answers, and the source for all such writing assistance. Our professional writers have been dealing with all these issues daily, for years, and they are happy to share their practical insights.
Our staff are also researching on the web all the time. They find all sorts of helpful sites, databases, and other useful web material there in the course of seeking useful tools to help them serve our customers better. Our staff are always eager to share these discoveries as well. has put all these things together to create an online resource we are calling Academic Boost. This will assemble all sorts of content, both original and selected with great care from the web, and present it for free for all our customers.

In the Academic Boost site, students will find original articles written by our own professional writers. They will be far from theoretical, and reflect hands-on academic writing experience, both as students at all levels, and as custom writers and editors.

These might cover topics such as avoiding plagiarism and accurately capturing the essence of a source. Students could also check on how to structure different types of papers (e.g., research paper, personal response, critique, persuasive essay, or review). There may even be articles on spotting typical errors associated with different linguistic backgrounds, among many other useful subjects.

Students also will find blunt, independent, critical reviews of grammar flagging programs, plagiarism checking programs, bibliographic tools, and subscription databases, along with many high tech items, as well. All these assessments will be based on writers’ actual use of any product under discussion on Academic Boost. writers tend to push software and hardware to their engineering limits very quickly. This is because the speed and volume of their work places such intense demands on whatever they use (or, in the case of less stellar, or poorly designed products, attempt to use). They will not hold back in their critiques.


The project for providing custom written papers was launched in 2006. Since then, we have furnished our customized paper services to thousands of satisfied clients. Our initial goal was to shift, and in some cases, even redefine, how people experience their education. We want to make it a more beneficial, less stressful experience. At the same time, we want to allow people to apply more of their efforts to improving their well-deserved grades. We track trends, and take note of the increasing popularity of such custom writing services on the web! Additionally, we make every effort to understand the needs of our growing clientele. They expect outstanding content, on-schedule delivery, and absolutely no plagiarism in our products.