Discount Favors Expands as Dollar Imprint And Launches The Finest Range Of Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs have become the integral part of everyone’s life. Considering the great usefulness of the coffee mugs, they are widely used as promotional materials in the marketing world. With the coffee mugs in huge demand today, our aim is to bring the finest range of affordable logo coffee mugs to the market, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 18-May-2009 – – Pensacola, FL ( Onlineprnews ) May 16, 2009 -“Many marketers still have a misconception that the promotional coffee mugs are very costly. The true fact is that, though the coffee mugs look very costly, they just cost as low as $1 per piece. As these coffee mugs appear to be costly, your clients will be very much pleased to receive it as a gift. Moreover, people will be using these coffee mugs every day and hence you brand name will be remembered by them. Distributing the promotional coffee mugs ( to your clients is like a continuous promotion that can be obtained for a dollar. The promotion of your brand continues as long as your clients are using your promotional coffee mugs. This is where the need of the finest coffee mugs comes into play. If your clients like the design and shape of the coffee mugs that you supply, your promotional strategy will be a great success” says Mr. Carl of

Speaking about the finest range of coffee mugs available at discount favors, Mr. Carl said, “We know the fact that not all the promotional coffee mugs available in the market will attract your clients. We have seen some promotional mugs ending up in the waste bins because people will not use these promotional mugs unless the designs and shapes are unique. Keeping this factor in mind, we have expanded the product line of coffee mugs ( by launching the new website called Dollar imprint and have introduced a new range of finest coffee mugs. The shapes of this new range of promotional coffee mugs are very unique. We are sure that anyone will be tempted to use the classy coffee mugs because of their exotic design.”

“Though these coffee mugs are very unique, they are very sensibly priced. We are generous enough o provide these finest range of custom coffee mugs at the same pricing of most of the common coffee mugs available in the market. These coffee mugs also come with a large surface area to include your logo, and any promotional or inspirational message. You can make the most out of these coffee mugs by using our simplified customization section. You can choose the color, material, shape and type of the coffee cups according to your liking” say the professionals of

Speaking on the move, Mr. Carl said, “All these coffee mugs are sensibly priced around 1-3$. These coffee mugs are made of highly durable materials and hence your brand promotion will continue for a lifetime through all the coffee mugs that you distribute.”


Discount Favors has the largest collection of over 2000 promotional products. Starting its operation back in 2002, they have been introducing many innovative promotional products through all these years. Satisfying the needs of hundreds of marketers worldwide, is the place to look for coffee mugs, wedding favors and other promotional products. They have expanded their product range with the launch of their all new website . For more information, visit

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