New Generation DVB Software for Advanced Multi-processor Digital TV Receivers

Ocean Blue Software releasee a new version of its Sunrise DVB software to support multi-core CPUs and multi-tasking, reflecting increased processing power built into TVs and PVRs.

Online PR News – 04-June-2011 – – Bristol, UK - Ocean Blue Software, a world-leading digital TV software developer, has released a new version of its Sunrise DVB software to support multi-core CPUs and multi-tasking. The move comes as processing power built into TVs and PVRs increases, and will allow manufacturers to take full advantage of the power; offering faster, richer user interfaces.

The enhancement means Sunrise DVB is now capable of working as either the core of the system or as a plug-in module to a more complex, bus driven architecture, where there may be multiple presentation engines and other processes running alongside the DVB Core.

The new generation of Sunrise DVB software is in line with the expectations of next generation products, Ocean Blue has added the ability to link external graphic environments to Sunrise, to generate the User Interface. This means developers can replace the native UI with an interface built in QT, CSS3 or Adobe Flash, generating a richer user experience.

The development is key to embracing the hybrid market (driven by solutions such as Android, Google TV and YouView) where the primary focus is on IP technology, but the requirement for a stable and mature broadcast solution is essential.

“The next generation of digital TVs and PVRs will incorporate multiple core CPUs and more video processing power than a PC of just five years ago,” commented Ken Helps, CEO of Ocean Blue Software. “The software has to be capable of harnessing the multi-process capabilities of the hardware, especially with internet connected TV devices, and we are pleased to introduce the latest version of Sunrise DVB software to meet those needs.”

About Sunrise DVB
Sunrise is Ocean Blue's DVB family of software products, offering Free To Air (FTA) or Pay-per-view (PPV) functionality. It encompasses all the components required to provide clients with digital TV on a set top box or television. The software is developed to DTG D-book, E-Book and Nordig standards. Written in ANSI C programming language, Sunrise is modular, hardware agnostic and comprises of all the elements needed for digital TV devices.

The Sunrise software suite supports DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C digital TV (either in isolation or as a combination) and analogue TV. Also supported are Free To Air (FTA), CI Plus, Pay Per View Conditional Access (PPV), HbbTV and Connected TV.

About Ocean Blue Software
Ocean Blue Software, based in Bristol and with offices in Hong Kong and Korea, specialises in the development, distribution and support of world-class software solutions, which are incorporated into Digital TV consumer electronics products, present in the Digital Home.

Ocean Blue middleware software products include DVB-T2, MHEG HD, HbbTV, Connected/Internet TV, Freeview compliant software products, CI Plus and Talking TV technology as examples.

Ocean Blue’s software products stand out in terms of maturity, usability, operability and adherence to international digital broadcast standards, notably DVB and DTG. Ocean Blue has sold over 10M units of software in recent years globally.

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