– Tra Co Holds Celebrations to Honour Its Spirits in Danang
06/01/2011 reveals that visitors to Tra Co at the start of June will be able to witness the special ceremonies and celebrations that take place to pay respect to the spirits of the village.

Online PR News – 01-June-2011 – – Tra Co Village Festival is an impressive display of some very unique customs and one of the main events is a large procession of sailboats that travel from Tra Co to Do Son. The procession is for Quan He, a pheasant leader from the time of Le-Trinh and who is still worshipped by the locals. The boats travel to his homeland of Do Son and then return back again with many people taking part.

Festivities also include a procession where the king is led to the sea with hundreds of people walking down to the shore accompanied by music and even an armed troop. The village’s most handsome man is then asked to lead the procession and once on the beach rituals are performed by the sea.

People staying at Danang hotels can also travel up to the village to see the people sharing the excitement of the cooking contests where chefs will be serving their best creations and plenty of food will be there for the eating.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: “The festival is immensely popular and getting a hotel between 30th May and 7th June won’t be easy as the area is inundated with visitors. Reservations should ideally be made months in advance although availability can be checked online.”

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