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06/01/2011 is the number one tool for growing your online social network.

Online PR News – 01-June-2011 – – is a great way to get more twitter followers, facebook fans, youtube subscribers and viewers for free.It gives you more exposure by placing you in an environment where other people who have the same interests or geo-location, can find you and follow you.

It uses a simple system of credits,whereby if you like or follow someone,they reward you from their credits bank.You can then post your twitter account, facebook fan page, youtube video or channel, and people will follow you will get credits from your bank.

Increasr is here to offer a good and honest service to those that want to grow their reach on Twitter,Facebook, Youtube and websites.We ask that you use the service fairly and honestly too.

We have built a system that creates an incentive for people to follow and check each other out. We will not condone any abuse of this system and will suspend accounts found to be doing so. We track certain events,such as aggressive follower churning, and will suspend accounts if we suspect foul-play.
It's an absolutely free service to sign up and use, and it has quite a few advantages in that it’s really easy to use,and gets fast results, sometimes in a matter of a few minutes.

Increasr has been built to provide twitter, facebook and youtube users with a compliant,ethical, and responsible way of growing their online communities. As facebook, twitter and youtube grow in popularity and stature, it gets to define a number of the rules by which people may use the service.

The benefit of being able to influence and communicate to a large audience is well known, and because of that an incentive to grow these audiences will always exist.Unfortunately, some groups will attempt to grow their audiences via any means possible, including means that can be considered unethical,a violation of facebook's, youtube's, and twitter's terms of service.

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