Poken East London Collection Sale: One Day Only!

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Online PR News – 14-December-2009 – – Poken fans can get a free East London Poken from PokenZoo, on Monday only, if they spend $75 at http://PokenZoo.com.

Because of their limited supply, only the first 35 Poken Zoo customers can get this special East London Poken bargain.

Starting at 12:01 am (CST) on Monday, December 14, http://PokenZoo.com customers can begin taking advantage of this super deal.

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Pokens, the new digital social business card are exploding in popularity all across the US. Already a hit in Europe and Japan, http://PokenZoo.com began selling Pokens in the US in March 2009, and has sold thousands to individuals, companies and teams all across the United States.

What Is a Poken?
Poken solves one simple problem: how do I remember the email addresses and screen names of everyone I meet? You Poken, of course. When you meet other Poken owners in the real world, quickly swap information. No more writing down email addresses or long blog names. Just touch Pokens and connect.

Poken holds your contact information: name, address, email, mobile phone, and the rest, and it also holds your social networking account names. Poken contains your FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and other accounts.

Already know all your friends' profiles? Even better. When you Poken and they Poken, you'll automatically have updates when they open a new social networking account.

Poken Corporate, Retail and Reseller Opportunities from PokenZoo
Are you interested in selling Pokens on your web site as a Poken reseller?
Are you in marketing and advertising and think they'd be perfect for your clients' campaigns?
Do you need to raise funds for your school, team or group?
Do you own a retail store that would be a perfect fit for Pokens?

PokenZoo has great programs and pricing to fit all sorts of sales and marketing needs from small business to corporate settings. Call us for more details.

About http://PokenZoo.com
Poken Zoo is the United States Poken Store. Visitors can buy Pokens from PokenZoo.com for $19.95 for the character-based Spark line, or $34.95 for the business Poken Pulse, designed with executives in mind. They can also buy two-, four-, six-. twelve-. eighteen-, and twenty-four-packs poken combo packs at discounted prices.

http://PokenZoo.com can also custom print corporate logos on Pokens.

Shipping is usually 2-3 days via the US Postal Service Priority Mail to all U.S and Canadian destinations. Shipping is free for orders over US$35, and only $4.95 for orders less than $35.

Customers can buy Pokens by phone. The URL for the click-to-call service is http://www.pokenzoo.com/poken/buy-pokens-phone

Poken Zoo is located in the United States, about 25 miles east of the Minneapolis St. Paul Twin City metro area just across the Minnesota border in Hudson, Wisconsin.