Car Insurance Rates Adds Divorce Guide to Family Auto Insurance Resources
05/31/2011 has published an article specifically intended for individuals who have recently divorced. The article addresses the potential impact of a divorce on the cost and structure of a car insurance policy.

Online PR News – 31-May-2011 – –, one of the foremost suppliers of free auto insurance quotes online, has authored an article on the implications of divorce on car insurance policies. The site issued the article in response to a substantial number of queries from visitors regarding how a divorce might affect their rates or coverage.

“When couples divorce, they face a deluge of financial, legal, and emotional issues. In many cases, the recently divorced are so besought thinking about court dates, alimony, child support, and related issues, that matters like car insurance fall through the cracks. Our newest article seeks to raise awareness about the importance of revising coverage following a divorce, so our visitors have all the information they need to make the transition,” explained Nathan Ackerman, spokesperson for Car Insurance Rates.

Among the articles main points are how auto insurance premiums typically change when drivers transition from a family policy to an individual one. Generally, going to a single-driver policy will raise rates, but the article features several ways the newly divorced might combat these potential cost increases. The article also urges recently divorced individuals to update their policies as soon as possible.

“It’s actually quite possible that people who are recently divorced might see their overall car insurance rates drop because they have fewer cars and drivers on their policies. On the other hand, a new divorcee might also have to purchase a new, individual policy, and that can be daunting for someone who has been on multi-driver coverage for years,” said Ackerman.