MO Group International Launches New Services in Online Game Community Management

MO Group International, a company specialising in multilingual game localization and SEO, offers extensive new services in social community management.

Online PR News – 03-June-2011 – – MO Group International Launches New Services in Online Community Management

MO Group International, a highly experienced firm offering Video Game Localization and Localization Testing Services, is happy to announce an extensive new service offering game community management.

There is an old adage in marketing that says there is no advertising better than word of mouth. Consumers are often distrusting of big business, instead preferring to hear what other people, people like them, truly think. To that end, the sales of a video game depend massively upon the quality of an online presence and the availability of a place for gamers to discuss your title both pre and post release. Already known in the industry for online game localization, MO Group International are proud to now offer a choice of management options for online communities, designed to provoke discussion, promote your title, and increase the awareness and excitement that surrounds your latest release.

VP Business Development Orad Elkayam says: "We employ native community managers and moderators who can effectively manage online social content across more than 25 languages." Through generating and monitoring content such as forum posts, blogs, online chat and newsletters, these highly-trained moderators and community managers ensure that gaming communities are totally fitting for target audiences – but more importantly, they facilitate an ongoing conversation between video game developers and players.

To that end, MO Group International are making a renewed commitment to employing staff members who are devoted game fans themselves, able to inspire excitement and prolonged discussion of a title both pre and post release. Following the rapid expansion of their localization services through 2010, MO Group International are excited to make their mark on the world of online communities in 2011.

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