Michigan GMC Dealers Hear GM Factories Begin Open Houses Across the Country; GM Says ‘Thank You’

General Motors wanted to show how thankful it is to have had help from the country by opening its doors to all 54 U.S. manufacturing plants so the public could visit and tour. Michigan GMC dealers hear first day of the open houses were successful.

Online PR News – 02-June-2011 – – DETROIT, M.I. – Michigan GMC dealers heard last year that General Motors planned on opening its doors to all of its U.S. manufacturing plants to offer the public the chance to visit and tour the different locations.
General Motors decided this would be a great way to send a “Thank You” to the America public for its support during its hard time. GM also said in a press release that the open houses will give each visitor the chance to discover more about the people, products and plants that make up General Motors.
“Thanks to the support we have received from various stakeholder groups, we have a strong U.S. manufacturing footprint that employs thousands of people,” said Diana Tremblay, GM Vice President of Manufacturing and Labor Relations, in a GM press release. “These open houses are our way of showing our appreciation to the communities where we operate.
The only plant that has regularly scheduled tours is GM’s Bowling Green Assembly Plant in Kentucky, and all other locations will pick a date for their facility to invite the public to attend newly planned tours, videos and displays. Michigan GMC dealers also heard UAW and General Motors employees were branching out from the manufacturing plants to the classroom as volunteers will visit the local schools. They will discuss manufacturing and how it affects the U.S. economy as well as the value of a strong math and science education.
The Parma Metal Center in Ohio opened its doors last Sunday and greeted an estimated 5,125 visitors on the May 22nd and 23rd. Many employees at the Metal Center were in the conference room to answer any questions about improvements and processes. Vehicles were also displayed in the showroom to give guests a look into what is produced at the plant.
Michigan GMC dealers may feel this is a unique opportunity for General Motors to show the public what is going on at the plants that have survived and have been rejuvenated with the help of the taxpayers and the government.
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