Precision Automotive, Inc. Auto Repair Shop Introduces CARFAX

Precision Automotive, Inc. auto repair shop in Billings, MT 59101 introduces CARFAX—a history of your vehicle’s auto service.

Online PR News – 02-June-2011 – – Buying a used car? Selling your car? Precision Automotive now can help you find out the complete auto service Billings history of the vehicle you want to buy or sell. Read more for details.

Buying a Used Car? Selling your Car? Ask for the CARFAX!

Do you like lemons? Most people find them sour and distasteful. Don't run the risk of buying a “lemon” of a used car with costly hidden problems. Get a detailed vehicle history report from our nationwide database within seconds. Precision Automotive now offers their assistance to customers in determining the resale value of your vehicle with accurate auto repair records. You will also have access to the auto service and maintenance records of a vehicle you intend to purchase.

When you have your vehicle serviced at Precision Automotive, that service history can be recorded in the CARFAX R.O. Writer software installed in their auto repair Billings shop. The service history of your vehicle is automatically recorded in CARFAX. By using the unique 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN) found on vehicle dashboards and title documents, CARFAX instantly generates a detailed Vehicle History Report on any used car or light truck.

Here are some basic questions that every CARFAX Vehicle History Report™ can answer about a specific vehicle. Are there title problems? Was it in a severe accident or flood? Does it have odometer problems? Is the mileage accurate? What is the ownership history? Was it a rental or fleet car? If in an accident, did the airbags deploy, and if so, were they reinstalled? Was there frame damage, or was the car declared a total loss by an insurance company? Has the previous owner(s) taken care of the usual preventive car maintenance items on schedule?

Why is this service so helpful? It will increase the resale value of your car or truck when a prospective buyer asks for, and receives, its service history. And, if you are purchasing a used vehicle, the auto technicians at Precision’s auto repair shop will be happy to locate the service history of that vehicle. Millions of used car buyers and sellers each year rely on CARFAX Vehicle History Reports™ to provide valuable information that helps used car buyers and sellers make better decisions.

About Precision Automotive, Inc.

Precision Automotive was founded by John Price in 1983 and became Billing's Automotive Service Leader for all makes and models of domestic and import vehicles. As a Tech-Net professional service center they provide full service auto repairs using the latest diagnostic equipment, which now includes CARFAX software. With their ASE certified technicians for auto repairs and service, nationwide warranty coverage and award winning service, they became the logical alternative to a dealership for vehicle owners in Billings, Shepherd and Laurel, MT.

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