Combating the Rising Costs of Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies - TwinMedDirect has just announced extreme price cuts and now bulk pricing on medical and hospital supplies

Online PR News – 13-December-2009 – – Combating the Rising Costs of Medical Supplies

For anyone who has an ongoing need for medical supplies, it is shocking and distressing how much the cost of supplies has risen. Goods containing petroleum products or products using petroleum based packaging, in particular, have risen sharply, and in some cases have doubled in the last decade. According to Fierce Health Finance, plastic bed pans, blood bags, tubing and syringes, which use oil in their production, have all risen to catastrophically high prices.

At a well known drugstore chain, 2 boxes of gloves that cost $9.99 one year rose to $7.99 per box the next year. Due to the use of petroleum in the production of plastics, nearly all medical supplies use petroleum products in some form. Unfortunately, the prices for medical supplies just keep rising across the board. Fortunately for customers, there are better deals out there for petroleum based products and products using petroleum based packaging.

At TwinMed Direct, boxes of Nitrile exam gloves containing 100 gloves per box are normally priced at $6.00. For a limited time, they are on sale for $4.99 per box. nitrile gloves are used as a protective barrier between patients and caregivers in all fields of medicine, including home healthcare.

At the same store mentioned above, moist wipes cost approximately 7 cents per wipe. Without the current discount being offered, moist wipes at TwinMed Direct cost 5 cents per wipe. To make this product even more affordable, wet wipes and adult washcloths are on sale at TwinMed Direct for an ultra low 3 cents per wipe. That's less than half of the retail pharmacy chain stores price.

At another leading retail pharmacy chain, the sale price for a 2 ounce container of hand sanitizer is $4.99. Hand sanitizers are used by everyone from school students to health care personnel as a fast and effective way to kill harmful microbes on hands. At TwinMed Direct, the equivalent of this same hand sanitizer is everyday low priced at $1.20 and comes in a 4 ounce container. To put it even more simply, the retail chain charges $2.50 per ounce as a sale price and TwinMed charges $.30 per ounce at full price.

As you can see, TwinMed Directs prices are unbeatable. Though it takes research and a little simple math to find the best deals available on medical supplies, there are incredible savings out there. To learn more about the unbeatable prices at TwinMed Direct, stop by their website at

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