Finding an Allergy Free Motel in Invercargill

Motel stays In Invercargill need not be a bother to allergy sufferers, thanks to chemical free cleaning promised by an Invercargill motel.

Online PR News – 31-May-2011 – – Invercargill, Southland An independent report indicates that about one in three New Zealanders suffer from allergies. Common allergens are dust mites, food, insect stings, pollen, latex, pets and mould. Cleaning with chemicals may not eliminate the allergens and will leave a residue which can be harmful, especially those who suffer from chemical intolerance related diseases. Most allergy sufferers have worked hard to eliminate allergens in their home environment and will be very uncomfortable if they stay in hotels or motels with high allergen levels.

For those with allergies looking for accommodation Invercargill now has a very viable option. An eco-friendly motel in Invercargill promises to provide guests with a sparkling clean and allergy free environment without using chemical cleaning products.

“At our motel, we provide chemical free cleaning with ‘Enjo’ and ‘Lux’ to provide guests an allergy free environment. The Enjo microfiber system when used with the Lux steamer not only helps to get rid of allergens, but it does so in the most eco friendly manner,” says the Muriel Newcombe for 554, Moana Court, an Invercargill accommodation.

Enjo cleaning cloths are made of very fine microfibers that trap the dirt and allergens with water acting as the solvent. They can even remove chemical residues. The Lux steamer on the other hand helps to clean by turning tap water into steam removing grease and dust while killing bacteria and viruses.

“At 554, Moana Court we understand that every allergy sufferer has problems that are unique to him and we strive to provide an allergy free environment that is just right for everyone. Thanks to latest technology and techniques we can do this without using harsh and harmful chemicals” adds the Muriel Newcombe.

About 554, Moana Court: The motel is a spacious, comfortable Invercargill accommodation conveniently located and easy to find off State Highway1. It is the only motel to be located next to Surrey Park (Stadium Southland) with New Zealand’s only indoor Velodrome and near the Southland Aquatic Centre.

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