CGG News: Know More About R4( R4i) Cards For DSi V1.4.2 Firmware

CoolGadgetsGift team has just figured out some solution for DSi user to know more about the V1.4.2 firmware DSi and released some suggestion on how to get more fun.

Online PR News – 31-May-2011 – – Since Nintendo did a new upgrade (V1.4.2) firmware to the DSi console, lots of DSi owners begin to be afraid that their current r4 cards does not work any longer. Like some questions, "How to Get Your DSi V1.4.2 Work ? ", "Are there any r4 3ds cards which support DSi V1.4.2?", "can R4 XL card support Nintendo DSi V1.4.2?", " can AK 2i works on the DSi V1.4.2 firmware ? ", " how to get r4 card work on DSi ? "

If we look back to the DSi firmware or the firmware V1.4, we can easy find out that you do not need to worry about this situation but just be a little patient for the R4 card DEV team to work it out. Since that, we look it in this way that the Nintendo was asking the R4 card to upgrade theirself in order to fix some function problem. Why ? Actually, R4 cards does not upgrade theirself without the Nintendo's action ( Most updates are for the games bugs.). As you can see that the new V1.4.2 firmware updates "provide behind the scenes improvements to DSi system performance", According to Nintendo. If you paid attention, you will see that the new firmware gets Nintendo DSi Shop displayed a little faster. For some people's expectation that this update will allow the transfer of your DSiWare to the 3DS.

Guess the reason why the flashcard being blocked ?

The probably reason is the blocked flashcards do not has the program code to match the new V1.4.2 firmware since there a new program embeded alone with the updated firmware. Thus, there are some new codes need to be embeded in the r4 card's chip. For some teams, it seems to be quite easy to break the code wall and get the DSi work, but the code being added maybe not to be completed to get the DSi console work perfectly. Of course, do not think that it can be done by anyone. If so, Nintendo does not need to do anything about the update.

How to Get the ( your current ) R4 card works on DSi V1.4.2 ?

Well, whether the flashcard works on the DSi V1.4.2 or not, it depends on the card team. Actually, some new R4 card does not have a DEV team actually. So if you are unluck to buy those fake R4 cards, we can not tell you whether it will work or how long should it take you to get it to work ?

Which R4 card Works on DSi V1.4.2

First of all, we do not want to bring a strong ming by saying that which R4 card is the best flashcard for DSi V14.2, but let's look it in this way, does which team has the ability to work it out in the first time, make it stable and keeping it updated? Actually, from our news source and testing, we have come to a conclusion that,,, are a good choice for DSi V1.4.2. We should stress that, R4ids.CN and are near the first team to announce it works on DSi V1.4.2. iSmartDS team is also the ealier team who shared the upgrade file to the iSmartDS card users.

As for AK team, we were informed that the V1.4.2 path will be released by the middle of June for current AK 2i. Later on, there will be a new AK 2i is coming out soon.
Which R4 card is the best ?

We are sorry but we can not tell. Since each R4 card has its own features, those teams keep games bug updates frequently. Before buy, you should first ask yourself what kind of function do you want to use ? Like, "i want to use Wifi automatically, Action Replay cheat,Open source code,With sleeping mode function, to extend standby time ...etc.