Trail Cam Superstore Releases Informational Report on Camera Traps for Researchers

Trail Cam Pro, a popular resource of camera traps for researchers, has published new information from a recent Idea Wild study. The new research was made possible from information gathered by Trail Cam Pro's camera trap equipment.

Online PR News – 18-May-2009 – – SPRINGFIELD, MO – Popular online trail cam superstore Trail Cam Pro has released a report for Idea Wild from information obtained through the use of professional grade camera traps. Idea Wild has assisted with more than 1,500 research projects in over 45 developing countries worldwide.

The report, which outlines the ecology and conservation of the jaguar and puma in Argentina, would not have been possible without the aid of Trail Cam Pro's high-powered photography equipment. The full report can be reviewed in detail at

camera traps allow researchers to quickly and effectively create inventories of species in ecosystems around the globe. Researchers often find that the use of camera traps significantly reduces the amount of time and energy required to monitor even the most elusive wild animals.

"We were thrilled to work with Idea Wild to obtain unprecedented photo documentary using the most advanced camera trap equipment available. Camera traps are essential in enhancing research studies, allowing researchers to identify and track animals around the clock with very little supervision and maintenance in even the most remote locations," says Rich Howell, President of Trail Cam Pro.

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Trail Cam Pro offers a wide variety of camera traps for researchers, from the higher end Reconyx RC60 HO to the more value-priced Stealth Cam 1590. Prices range from approximately $100 up to $650, depending on the quality of camera selected. For added savings, Trail Cam Pro offers quantity discounts on orders placed with five or more cameras.

Although no camera trap is fully waterproof, all of Trail Cam Pro's camera traps are considered weatherproof, meaning that under normal weather conditions (including heavy storms, snow and desert heat), they will continue to operate effectively.

"Researchers are often amazed at the photographs they can obtain through the use of camera traps. The research gathered using camera traps for Idea Wild and other organizations is vital to the monitoring of species worldwide," says Howell.

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