HawksHead TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems introduces its Track Master TPMS

HawksHead TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems introduces its Track Master TPMS, through its racing division www.HawksHeadRacing.com.

Online PR News – 31-May-2011 – – Vancouver, Canada -- HawksHead TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems introduces its Track Master TPMS, through its racing division http://www.HawksHeadRacing.com. HawksHead has been involved in motorsports tire pressure monitoring since the companies inception.

The HawksHead Track Master offers a cost effective system designed for the club racer and high performance car owner. HawksHead systems have been sold to road going Lamborghini owners who wish top see their current tire pressures and temperatures to leading off road and Baja factory teams along with open wheel racers and several leading Dodge Viper race teams.

The new aftermarket Track Master TPMS system is suitable for competition use along with road going high performance vehicles such as sports cars. Many race car drivers are unaware of the pressure and temperature of their tires whilst under competitive conditions, now with the Track Master TPMS they can monitor this information real time from the drivers seat on a super compact low weight monitor.

The Track Master monitor offers automatic control illumination of the screen for all light conditions making it suitable for night time and rally stages etc. Easily replaceable sensor batteries offers extended life of the sensors compared to high cost disposable sealed sensors. Because the sensors are external they can be switched between tire sets in seconds allowing the instant monitoring of rain tires and replacement tire sets.

Because the reliable and robust sensors have unique ID's there is no need to purchase location specific sensors. Users can even add an extra sensor to monitor the spare tire and the display will show its current pressure and temperature. The Track Master also comes with Free metal Competition Stubby Tire valves for those race situations that need more than standard rubber valves. The powerful graphical user interface for rapid tire pressure and temperature status. enables a competitive advantage over other competitors that do not have this data. Real time monitoring and adjustable warning settings offers fast user response for tires that are getting overheated and losing grip or are too cold for maximum performance. Audible and visual alarms can be set for cold tire warnings along with deflation and overheating situations. The track Master can be switched between PSI and Bar along with Degrees C or F for North American or European applications. The Track Master system has ease of installation with complete set up in under 5 minutes. The monitor has its own power pack and can be used as a hand held electronic tire gauge if needed. With vehicle 12v or Monitor Power Pack the system works great on tube and tubeless systems and includes a sensor locking system for all sensors.

Racers will be surprised. On what the readings are with Air or Nitrogen.. How temperature affects pressure. How a Posi affects temperatures. How different compounds affect set up.

See how much pressure and tire temperatures change between the finish line and your pit space. Your competition reads pressures and temperatures after they drive a cool down lap and return to the pits then eventually take the pressures and not the temperatures with a gauge. If you are using a Track Master TPMS you can radio all the data to the crew as you see the chequered.

See how much pressure change and temperature change you get when one of your car wheels sticks out of the tent and into the sun. You will see how track surface temperatures and different abrasion factors affect your pressures and temperatures.

You will see the variance in pressures and temperatures from tire to tire when you leave the track after a session. Adjustments are easier when you have The Track Master TPMS. When you come off the track and everything feels great see what the readings are for a given track temperature and set up then aim for those settings in the future.

Developed with the Racer and performance car owner in mind.

HawksHead Systems Inc offers several aftermarket tire pressure monitoring systems suitable for various vehicles ranging from RVs to Trucks and Trailers.

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