Mike Tyson Helps the Environment; MyCleaningProducts Joins In

Everybody can now go green and help the environment. MyCleaningProducts released its line of Green Bean cleaners made of 100% toxic free ingredients that make cleaning effective and safe.

Online PR News – 30-May-2011 – – More and more are becoming aware of the environment's present delicate state. Among the many who are trying to prevent the worse of it are celebrities. And though it is far from his known public image, Mike Tyson is among those celebrities.

Like Tyson who had just jumped into the green bandwagon, MyCleaningProducts is joining the cause to help the environment. While the former boxing champion chooses veganism to live green, MyCleaningProducts.com, on t he other hand, launches a number of green cleaning products to aid the planet.

Mold cleaners, rust removers, marble and granite care products, bed bug treatments and other household cleaners are what MCP basically offers. All of these items are organic-based so they are 100% toxic free.

Consumers can check the products at http://www.mycleaningproducts.com.

“Our products are safe. That's what makes them different. Other cleaners can promise you effectiveness, but what about your family's health? Though they can make your house look clean, they can pollute your indoor air with their chemical ingredients. MyCleaningProducts would like to eliminate that threat that's why released our products to the public.” one of the products' creators said.

MCP's line of cleaners has already been used by many hospitals, hotels and even pest control companies before its actual release. It is because of the positive response of those users that creators of the Green Bean Line decided to offer it to the public.

According to CEO of MyCleaningProducts, “We made our products available to all not just because we want to make money. We offered them because we want to help build a more sustainable planet and we want others to do that as well.”

At this point, the earth surely needs everybody's help. And MCP is offering products that can enable everyone to give that help all while protecting their health and assisting them in fulfilling their daily duty.

For more information about the green cleaners, readers can go to http://www.mycleaningproducts.com.

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