Create a visual map of your next brilliant idea with DropMind for iPad

Macedonia based SEAVUS DOOEL has today announced the successful recent update of DropMind for the iPad. A mobile reincarnation of the popular ‘mind mapping’ web application of the same name, the newly released version of this imaginative mobile utility offers support for users with iPad devices running on iOS 4.2. This application allows users to visually capture, organize, and store their ideas on the go!

Online PR News – 30-May-2011 – – Skopje, Macedonia -- SEAVUS DOOEL, an established software solutions developer, is excited to announce the successful recent update of DropMind for the iPad. This innovative and unconventionally useful app allows users to capture, organize, and store ideas and information in a revolutionary visual way. With the web version of the application already a proven hit online, DropMind version 1.1 promises to maintain all of the original apps functionalities, while bringing the DropMind experience to users with iPad devices running on iOS 4.2 and older versions as well. DropMind is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $48.99.

Though DropMind’s large price tag places it at the top stratosphere of paid applications, users can rest easy knowing that they are not simply buying just another mobile app when they purchase DropMind. They’re buying a lifetime web-based license to utilize this system to record and execute their ideas as well.
Remembering how to get from point A to point B, as well as remembering what’s in between them, is always much easier if the traveler has a good visual map to guide them. DropMind stands apart from its competitors because it has embraced the advantages of the mobile arena.

This dynamic system not only gives users the power to create visual ‘mind maps’ that enable them to store complex ideas, but the power to augment, store, and share them instantaneously as well. Like no other ‘mind map’ tool, DropMind’s digital medium has also allowed the app to give users a dynamic set of functionalities as well. The app allows users to do everything from previewing and reviewing existing Mind Maps, creating new Maps to store new ideas or information, sharing completed maps, and even editing and enhancing stored Mind Maps as new information and ideas come to light for users.

Though the concept behind DropMind is innovative, the app benefits perhaps just as much from these unique ambitions as it does from its highly responsive and well polished design. DropMind utilizes an extremely in-depth and user friendly mind map editing tools to help even the most inexperienced users develop Mind Maps to house their ideas with ease. Meanwhile, the apps intuitive user interface ensures that navigating within this expansive utility is always a breeze.

In addition to this, DropMind allows cross platform synchronization. When users purchase DropMind for their iPad, they’ll automatically have access to DropMind’s fully featured web application. They can create their maps, share their ideas and visions. Maps saved on the iPad can be synchronized with the Web DropMind and published on web. You can access them from any Browser, from any location. There’s no limits to the power of our ideas, make sure you capture them as accurately as they deserve to be captured with DropMind today!

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