Takes a Step towards Employee Health with Free Nutritious Lunches
05/31/2011 provides healthy lunches to save time and empty calories. freebie boosts staff energy, productivity, and longevity.

Online PR News – 31-May-2011 – – will underwrite healthy lunch for writers with no time to eat right. This new program is expected to help staff to a better diet and better health. All this energy will help our team write better, faster, more creatively.

At, we know how difficult it is to eat healthily in the academic writing business when the pressure is on. Deadlines make eating out impractical, and round the clock hours preclude cooking and packing a healthy meal at home.

The temptation is to either skip meals, or make regrettable food choices. To make up for this, will offer wholesome lunches to writers who are working through their break time.

These may include salads made with whole grains, soup for microwaving, whole grain breads and low-fat, low-salt fillings, and fruit. These are generally delivered from a nearby establishment that understands healthy cooking. Occasionally one of the staff will bring in a homemade contribution.

This is intended to save time and transportation to and from restaurants, especially fast-food places! It is also intended to keep our health issues to a minimum. We fully expect that better health will result in increased productivity for customers, and repay our investment amply.

There is more information about past efforts to improve employee health on our website, at You can check out our list of services there as well.

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