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Those who are unemployed should find even more reasons to go back to college, especially since getting a job is more difficult during the recession. offers practical tips on how unemployed individuals can go back to college and improve chances at admissions.

Online PR News – 01-June-2011 – – There are many reasons why individuals need to invest in their college education, and the recent global recession is one of these reasons. recognizes how the unemployed can improve their chances at employment through a college degree.

Denver CO, May 29 - Going back to college is no longer viewed as a luxury, now that more and more companies seem to have a preference for college graduates as opposed to college-level job applicants. With the recession showing only very little signs of improvement, many unemployed individuals need to rethink about their long-term career goals and what they can do to ensure that they are able to take advantage of suitable work opportunities.

The unemployment menace

The rising rates of unemployment have become all the more alarming, with many people out of jobs as more employers have resorted to retrenchment and the restructuring of job positions as a means to cut costs and stabilize losses. Those who are handling rank and file positions are more likely to suffer from the blows of retrenchment than those who possess higher positions in the corporate ladder. And in most instances, college degree holders and those who have masters degrees are the ones able to obtain high positions in the workplace. In most cases, high school graduates or college level workers are those relegated to lower positions, and are, therefore, the first ones to get laid off during retrenchment.

What unemployed individuals can do

There is one thing that unemployed individuals can do, and that is to go back to college or to take up higher studies suitable to their chosen careers. A college degree, while considered to be highly expensive these days, is one smart move as far as getting ahead in the workplace or retaining a job position during times of recession is concerned. Willicz Pentiolosky of states that "Now is the best time to go back to school and secure a place in the competitive workplace. The site provides tips to those who are looking to enter into college once more."

Getting laid off during the recession is not something anyone is looking forward to, especially since finding gainful employment when the economy is still recuperating can be pretty difficult. This is why recession-proofing one's career is one essential move any employee can make. offers practical tips for unemployed individuals who plan on going back to college such as writing compelling personal statements - Indeed, it is never too late to invest in one's education, especially during these times when credentials, qualifications, and updated skills are just as important as having ample work experiences.

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