HorseKode releases long-awaited singles

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Online PR News – 12-December-2009 – – HorseKode releases long-awaited singles

Los Angeles, CA

HorseKode, a new provocative artist based in Los Angeles, California, announces the release of his 2 new hit singles “Too Skinny” and “GIWB.” With a combination of catchy beats and raunchy lyrics that many think of, but few are bold enough to say, the new street-oriented songs are unlike any other song currently on the radio.

The singles released include both hip hop/club versions as well as more European driven dance versions. These songs are the spearhead of the new HorseKode album entitled Personas Volume 1, currently in production.

About the new singles:

“Too Skinny” is a shout-out and home-run for all the curvy girls in America and throughout the world. It satirizes the upheld emaciated Hollywood physiques that so many young women go to extremes to emulate. “The song, a collage of many minds and eclectic sound bites, reveals how America’s teenagers are incensed at Hollywood for glamorizing ultra-thin bodies, and how many girls say they feel too self-conscious about their bodies as a result of watching TV, movies and music videos”, states HorseKode. Too Skinny denounces the Hollywood taboo, and delivers a simple message to women: it is ok to be curvy, because real men love curves.

GIWB (aka Girl I Wanna Bone) is a testosterone driven song that describes the lengths that men of all types of nationalities and backgrounds will go through to bed that special lady, or at least that special lady for that night. HorseKode delivers sex-driven, witty lyrics over a melodic beat in the original, and a high-energy melodic sung version in the dance remix. “GIWB, every single man has one, and everyday in the news you find out just how much so many men all over the world are willing to risk to get their own personal GIWB,” states HorseKode.

Early reviews of the singles from music industry insiders have been stellar, even if they are too shy to go on the record due to the racy content from HorseKode. These singles were produced to be entertaining, crude, fun, and thought provoking.

HorseKode’s music is available for download through his new website HYPERLINK "" for only 89 cents per single or $3.99 for both singles and the remixes. You can also find HorseKode’s music on Both explicit and clean versions for persons under 17 are available.