Software Developer Launches Real Estate QR Code Beta Program

QR codes are popping-up on For Sale signs in North America and Europe. These two-dimensional bar codes link buyers to expanded content at actual addresses. As with all promising technologies, greater things are coming down the road in terms of features, user interfaces, and database integrations. At the forefront of these promising new developments is Mattsonmaps with the launch of its proprietary RealQR® beta application.

Online PR News – 01-June-2011 – – Wenonah, NJ, May 30, 2011 -- Mattsonmaps of New Jersey recently announced the launch of RealQR®—a next generation application for QR code use in real estate.

Company president Mark Mattson is excited about the direction that RealQR® is taking. "We love what brokers are doing with QR codes in the real estate market. At the same time, we see enormous opportunities surrounding the development of advanced systems that move beyond the simple show-and-tell applications that are now being employed. In our opinion, enriched implementations of QR codes involve the development of user interfaces that open gateways to property listings that can be queried and revealed as comparable and mappable objects. RealQR® not only tells buyers about what they are looking at, it tells them about what they might also like to see. It shows them comparable properties in comparable neighborhoods. In so much as this is the case, RealQR® not only serves the buyer. It also enriches the broker as an invaluable data mine of buyer preferences and desired locations."

As a company, Mattsonmaps develops software for destination marketing organizations and affinity markets. Mattson explains the leap into real estate by saying, "The real estate market is a natural evolution for our software. In both real estate and tourism, users seek information about points of interest at destinations. The only difference is that users are buying one set of points and viewing others. Everything else on a database and programming level is absolutely identical."

To start, Mattsonmaps is seeking five beta partners to transition its travel software to real estate. Mattson is confident of being able to do this quickly with great success and is willing to extend limited licenses to anyone who wants to work together to make this initiative a reality in the market.

Mark Mattson
TravelTools- A Division of Mattsonmaps
307 N Jefferson Ave
Wenonah, NJ 08090 USA