A Website For Blogging For Beginners Starts Niche Site Challenge To Rank Top In Google Within 60Days

This is no more hype. Forget all the theories people have been speculating about making money online or building a niche website. Now people who are interested in making money online can follow the process step by step live at http://www.blogging-the-beginners-complete-guide.com and hold the webmaster accountable during the course of the niche site challenge, as the webmaster will be documenting all her strategies used in taking the site to the first page of Google within the 60days. Now people can follow her progress and see the results. But most of all they can start their own niche site, rank it in Google in a few weeks following her strategies and start making money without having to spend a dime buying any product.

Online PR News – 01-June-2011 – – Ranking on the top of the search engines especially Google, has always been a challenge to online business owners, and many others whose dream is to build a business online and make money from home, and it continues to be a challenge. It doesn't help that there are thousands of sites trying to rank on the top of Google for the same keyword, and there are only 10 positions to be given. SEO'ers can only do little these days with Google constantly changing its algorithm.

Dominating Google surely is equivalent to making good money online. Site owners can get traffic to their site from other sources of course, such as social media, but what is the use of getting traffic if it can't translate to good money? Search traffic converts better since they are people actually looking for the information webmasters offer. And so they are more likely to take their most wanted response when they visit their site. Either buy a product from the site if they're offering one, subscribe to their mailing list and blog updates because they're interested in the information they offer, or click on an ad and make them money.

It will surely be good to rank on the first page of Google and start making money all within 60days. But how? The secret does not lie in SEO'ers, but niche sites.

Niche sites are easier to start and easier to rank for. The person simply focuses on the really small niche within a large niche with really low competition. Do everything else he or she knows about building and ranking websites and within weeks he or she will be on the top page of Google making good money.

That is one of the big secrets to making money on the internet today. People no longer have to wait for several months or years to be on the top of Google, or first build relationship with visitors as it is with blogging before they can start making money. There are many people who have been on the internet for years and still haven't made a dime. Whoever this applies to or will just like to improve his or her income online should seriously consider looking into building a niche site. The benefits of niche sites again are:

The person targets a niche with less competition and so rank faster (within few weeks).

Gets decent targeted traffic to his or her blog within few weeks.

And start making money quick.

It could be said that it is easier said than done, but it can be done and it is being done. Infact, with the way things are today, with more and more people coming online to find solutions to their problems, whoever wants to make money online must find a way to put his or her site on the first or second page of the search engines, and since Google is the most used search engine, it is important that online business owners or wanna be business owners find a way around ranking top in Google. Many internet marketers are already making good money from building smaller sites. Some feed on building and selling smaller sites for good money.

How to Build a profitable niche site

There has been many theories written about building niche websites, but it doesn't really help many people because the explainations or details of the steps involved are not goven. What the site Blogging for Beginners Guide at www.blogging-the-beginners-complete-guide.com is offering is a practical step by step process. The site owner is just starting to look into niche sites herself, she has read a lot about it but never built one. Last year, one of her favorite blogs did a niche site challenge with another blogger. And within 2 months he was on the top of Google for his chosen keyword (and still is after several months), started making some money and just recently, an investor offered him 5 figures to buy the site. That is something indeed!

And once someone succeeds in building one profitable niche website, the person can easily duplicate the process and have many small sites making him or her money, he or she can even choose to build and then sell at a good price.

After reading so much about niche websites herself, she is challenging herself to build a niche site from scratch and work on it to move it to the first page of Google and start making money, all within 60days. Since it's a challenge, she has promised to document all her step by step process on her website including revealing the niche market she chose, so that her readers can hold her accountable and also learn from her practical strategies and start their own niche site. One of the rules for the challenge is not to use any paid tool in ranking the site and she also promised to do all the tasks herself, this is to allow as many people as possible duplicate her strategy. This will be a great resource indeed for anyone who wants to make money from home writing and publishing content online, many will finally know how to dominate Google in weeks all for free.

Whoever is interested should visit the page on her website where she documents her progress in the challenge at http://www.blogging-the-beginners-complete-guide.com/niche-site.html and follow the niche site challenge. It is wise to subscribe to her site's updates in other not to miss out on any update about the challenge. It's all about proving a system work and allowing others to copy the practical step by step process all for no charge.