Non-Fiction Supernatural Drama ‘The Discovery’ Launched, Set to Compete with Hottest Novels

‘The Discovery’ is a short story compilation covering a variety of genres such as supernatural fiction and non-fiction, historical fiction and non-fiction and contemporary drama based on the lives of real women.

Online PR News – 29-May-2011 – – Nassau, Bahamas - Friday, May 13, 2011 - Launch of ‘The Discovery, a book of short stories featuring fiction and non-fiction; contains eight different stories about women who get everything they want in life (through serendipity, or the supernatural) and keep it!

Geared mainly toward teenage women, ‘The Discovery’ is sure to captivate men and women of all ages, races and cultural backgrounds. As well as dealing with typical problems of the day, it also teaches family values and coping skills such as infidelity, growing up, coping when parents divorce, perseverance during adversity, survival of natural disasters and many more. The book guides people through real life circumstances.

The book’s themes include; school life, life on the job, romance, friendship, making life changing decisions, surviving crises and handling emotional situations. Parents will be pleased to know that the book is also educational and written to increase teen’s vocabulary as well as containing historical information.

Fact is stranger than fiction, and tipping the scales are the supernatural titles! Readers will experience the thrills and dangers along with these real heroines as they under-go some of the most bizarre happenings ever recorded! The sources of these events and the underlying meanings of all allegorical tales will be outlined in depth on the author’s blog.

As well as a hard copy book, viewers will be able to enjoy ‘The Discovery’ right from the comfort of their homes! ‘The Discovery’ is now available on Amazon kindle. Customers who don’t own a kindle reader can view the book right from their PC from the Amazon Kindle to PC free download. A link to the online copy and Kindle to PC download is on ‘The Discovery’ website.

Viewers and customers may submit questions and comments about the books contents on the blog and keep up to date with any new releases. A link to the blog is attached to the website and the book’s purchasing links are on both the blog page and website.

Synopsis of Stories:
The Discovery
A young girl learns the beauty of nature after she cultivates a plant and finds it to be the rarest flower in the world. Fiction
The Dress
A home maker finally gets the opportunity to realize her dreams. Will she allow fear and uncertainty to hold her back? Fiction
The Ring
A young woman lives the exciting life of her alter ego; will ghosts from her past cause her to lose everything she gained? Based on real events

The Rainbow
After a ‘surprise’ visit to a mystical land, Marissa finds out that getting her rainbow takes more than meets the eye! Based on a real experience

The Wooden Box
A real estate agent is in for more than she bargains for when she takes on the personality of a house …literally! A true story
Crystal Logan is caught up in the rivalry of two corporate giants; will she survive the disasters their hostility causes? Fiction
The Promise
The daughters of men call on the goddess Ishtar to bring them husbands from the heavens above; she does…will the world ever be the same again? Based on historical events
The Judge
A female leader chooses a strong warrior to free the land from tyrants; however, the war is won by a very different (and surprising!) source. Non-fiction

About the author:

Angela Lane lives in the Bahamas and works with teens on a daily basis. She has obtained a PhD in Behavioral Sciences, a Masters in Library Sciences, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and an Associate Degree in English from Belford University. Dr. Lane enjoys research, (of which many years were dedicated to the gathering of information for this book) reading, exercising and socializing. As an experienced writer and twenty years of periodic public speaking, Angela challenges people to realize their goals and make them a reality.