Pet Product Company Expands Into Greener Pastures

Scratchnall® Partners With Henry Milker, Provides Perfect Combination for Barnyard Friends

Online PR News – 29-May-2011 – – DILLSBURG, Pa. – Pennsylvania-based pet products company Scratchnall is proud to announce it is expanding its role in barnyards across the country. The company that makes a unique self-grooming/scratching pad for a variety of animals – large and small – is partnering with Henry Milker, maker of the goat milking machine.

“I was contacted by Mike Henry of Palmer, Alaska after he saw my product, and had a great interest in trying Scratchnall for his horses and their companion goats,” Cynthia Garry, Scratchnall’s inventor, said.

Scratchnall is a pad made to be used in stables, barns, kennels, zoos and homes. They are uniquely designed to be used separately, or they can be interlocked to create surfaces in any size or shape. Plus, they easily bend to fit around corners. Garry uses three pads for her horse, Sundance, and her donkey, Teddy. Along with donkeys and horses, a variety of animals – including cats, cows, lynx, pigs, deer, dogs, rabbits, sheep, people and goats – have grown to love her invention. Videos posted on the Scratchnall website ( show different animals enjoying their turns.

Mike Henry is the mastermind behind Henry Milker ( He quickly found out his farm is an ideal place for Scratchnall. Eleven goats, seven horses, five dogs, four cats and two “little furry duds that look like big squirrels” are all pampered and spoiled. The pads went up as soon as they arrived, and Mike quickly sent Garry a note.

“Thank you for the Scratchnall pads,” he wrote. “I put one each in the pens where I keep my billie goats. I went to mount (a pad) on some very big trees in their individual pens, and they started scratching the Scratchnall pads before I could even mount them.”

“And that was the beginning of the alliance between Henry Milker and Scratchnall,” Garry said. “Experts say one of the best companion animals for horses is a goat, and Mike has proven that. In order to keep them happy, anyone who purchases a Henry Milker can now order Scratchnall pads as well.”

About Scratchnall
Scratchnall is located in Dillsburg, PA, and was founded in 2008 by Cynthia Garry with the goal of helping all animals. Garry is a lifelong animal lover who donates her time to help various animal transport groups, and even went to Mississippi to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Her goal is to grow her business in order to donate to reputable spay/neuter organizations that help end animal suffering and pet overpopulation. Garry is also a StartupNation Home-Based 100 competition award-winning business owner. Read more about Scratchnall in Cynthia’s blog