Innovative eReadingPro Method Now Available on iPhone/iPad

La Chorrera, Republic of Panama, April 23, 2011 – Thousands of children worldwide who are already excelling in reading through the aid of the creative eReadingPro building-block program can now access it on iPhone/iPad. The eReadingToGo! application for kids that promotes a systematic whole-word approach is using today’s popular technology to expand its effectiveness.

Online PR News – 29-May-2011 – – This innovative iPhone/iPad app combines the whole-word approach, colorful oversized flash cards and games, resulting in a more interactive learning and teaching experience for kids and parents. The eReadingToGo! method begins by teaching single words, progressing into couplets, phrases and sentences. The colorful flashcards present original artwork which fuels the imagination while the games reinforce the learning process. The app stimulates the three basic learning styles – auditory, visual and tactile – using one fun, technology-friendly resource.
The successful eReadingPro method is the parent program behind the eReadingToGo! application. Denise MacDonald, creator of the reading program, originated it for children with Down syndrome and other struggling readers and has now expanded its use on iPhone/iPad for all children who are learning to read. Her upbeat, informative workshops have captured the attention and support of parents worldwide.
Satisfied parents are singing the praises of the eReadingToGo! application:
"I love it! I think this is going to be a big hit! It is super user friendly, quality, clear graphics, and a nice pace to it." Diane G., Memphis, USA

"I have been using ereadingpro with my son for months with a lot of success. I am excited to add this app!" Julie R., LA, USA

"With three young children it's always a challenge to maintain interest while, at the same time, educate. This app is fun, engaging, and develops reading skills in a natural and intuitive way. I would definitely recommend it!" Jason L, Toronto, Canada

"Fantastic design! So interactive and intuitive. Literacy is the only outcome with this program and it should be a must for every known language. I could learn Japanese in a month with this! Well done!" Wayne A, ON, Canada
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