Mario R. Birthday Bash Full Of Party Dresses And Long Black Dresses

As Mario R., the mind behind many of the fashionable dress lines we see in stores, celebrates his birthday, we look at how he grasped the concept of party dresses juniors and proceeded to design long and short black dresses for every age and style!

Online PR News – 28-May-2011 – – What comes to mind when you think of party dresses? Is it the design, the color, or a designer’s name? For most women, it will be a combination of all of the above, but for others, it will just be the later. Today, as Mario R. celebrates his birthday with a lavish party at his mansion in Greece, we decided to join in and bring you all the A List celebrity dress choices! While we shall not disclose any names, honoring Mario’s request that his guest list remains secret, I would just say that everyone was at the party, from Europe’s loyalty all the way to Hollywood’s big stars.

We even had the pleasure of seeing a group of young girls featuring some of Mario’s latest party dresses juniors designs. Imagine a series of short and long dresses with Swarovski crystals delicately embroidered on the boost, in a series of colors ranging from the classic black all the way to the passionate red.

We noticed a very up and coming young lady featuring a short black dress that hid just about enough body parts to keep the party at a G rating but pushing towards the PG. Black cocktail dresses definitely had their place at the party, but white was also chosen by a few guests to keep up with the Greek Island locale. While the champagne kept pouring, and the delicacies were served at all times, we couldn’t miss the waitresses attires. They were all wearing some short party dresses customized by Mario which made the whole party bash look like a colorful piece of art.

No photographers were allowed in, but there is a good chance you’ll get to spot a few paparazzi party dress shots later on in the week, because they were all camping outside the main entrance for the whole duration of the party which went on for 4 hours. Whether it was the party dresses juniors or the white and black dresses that stole the flashlights, I’ll let you decide when the pictures are out!