WIDSIX Offers Quality Video Production Services and Digital Branding for Professional Athletes

As part of an athlete’s overall digital brand, WIDSIX provides quality video production services, website maintenance, graphic design, and marketing, all performed by the well-experienced Widsix.com crew.

Online PR News – 28-May-2011 – – Phoenix, AZ An excellent online presence is essential for professional athletes to create a unique image in the minds of fans, potential fans and sponsors. A well designed digital brand and athletic website offers athletes the opportunity to maintain public value and is the best way to grab the attention of visitors, fans, future sponsors, etc. Widsix.com recognizes the importance of dropping video edits as part of today’s digital branding campaigns and offers quality video production for athletes, which helps the pro athlete connect with their audience, develop a loyal fan base, and build an effective relationship with the companies they represent and/or work with.

The fact is, an athlete’s brand logo is much more visible and is much more effective in conveying their ability to grab attention, when combined with professional video production services. Perfectly designed athletic websites offers wide range of benefits in the professional life of the athletes by promoting events, sponsors and other athletes. When asked about the importance of video in an athlete's overall digital brand and inclusion of Video on athlete websites, Roope, President of WIDSIX.com, said, "These days, there is nothing more effective than video. Video edits are the best way for an athlete to grab attention, capture the audience, and connect with fans. In my opinion, any and all athletes should be actively working with video as part of their digital brand to promote their skills, personality and sponsors."

As a team of skilled all-around web nerds (website design, graphic design, video production, video editing, online marketing, and search engine optimization), WIDSIX.com designs athletic websites with graphics, logo, video and the relevant webpage content that DRIVES traffic to the athlete’s site and holds the visitor’s attention once they are on the athlete’s site. “We carefully consider the image that the athletes would like to communicate to their target audience, incorporate the athlete’s personal style, and build our design from there. The result is that athlete’s digital brand, which includes their web steez, clean graphics, video edits, and more. As we create a stand out design for sportsperson’s brand, we also make unique and relevant content for the web pages of their site”, says Roope, President of WIDSIX.com.

Video production for athletes increases their visibility online and maintains the brand image even during the “down” times when they are not participating in events and contests. “Edits of athletes in day to day situations are just as popular as the edits of them participating in their events”, stated Roope. Another thing for athletes to consider is that the level of earning potential depends on the strength of the athletes’ brand identity. “Unfortunately, all video edits (and video production for that matter) are not created equal. Everyone with a computer can drop an edit, but it takes skill, industry knowledge, and marketing savvy to get the right mixture of effects, edit length, tricks to lifestyle footage mixture, etc. At WIDSIX, we have worked on perfecting this mixture and have developed our techniques with some of the best crews in the action sports editing game”, said Roope, when asked about what sets WIDSIX apart from the competition. Roope went on to add, “It’s easy to be cheesy. You can find a milez edits out there, but a clean, professional video grabs your attention… droppin’ sick edits is an art form that we take seriously at WIDSIX”.

A Demonstration of WIDSIX video editing, featuring pro female skier Grete Eliassen, can be found on their Vimeo account: http://www.Vimeo.com/WIDSIX

Season edits and sport highlight videos are a very effective way to get people familiar with the sport and, when combined with blogging and social media marketing, increases athletes’ notoriety and creates a solid fan base. WIDSIX.com also offers video sharing website account maintenance, social media account management, and blogging services as part of their overall marketing strategy for their pro athletes and corporate clients.

About WIDSIX.com

WIDSIX.com helps athletes develop their digital brand and maintains athletic websites. Key components of digital branding include: athlete videos, sport highlight videos, season edits and updates on events for the clients to promote the sponsors, participating events and fellow athletes.

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