Aviation Insurance Specialist Offering Quotes And Policy Renewals Online

Longtime Aviation Insurance Company Provides Convenience, Ease Of Access For Quotes And Other Services

Online PR News – 11-December-2009 – – Colorado Springs, CO December 11, 2009 -

Insurance is an absolute must for anyone who pilots any sort of aircraft, whether professionally or recreationally. It's also true that aviation insurance isn't always easy to find - it's something which not every insurer deals in; and even from a general purpose insurance company who does happen to offer this coverage, it can be prohibitively expensive.

For this reason, pilots and companies whose business relies on operating flights choose to seek out insurance companies which specialize in aviation insurance, such as the Colorado Springs-based insurer Leading Edge. Started by people with a background in the aviation industry, the company's mission since their founding in 2000 has been to provide insurance coverage at competitive rates - and to make it easier for everyone involved. The company has begun to offer not only free quotes, but even policy renewals on their site, something which has been a huge hit with their customers.

"There's been aviation insurance almost as long as there's been aviation of course, but it's not always the easiest thing to come by and it can be incredibly expensive, especially for those who rent planes for occasional flights. When we started Leading Edge, we knew that we could do better for the industry by specializing in this kind of insurance coverage - and that's what we've been doing and continue to do," says Leading Edge's president Rick Ross.

"It's a classic case of an underserved market - when we began this company, there wasn't anyone else in the Colorado Springs area who specialized in aviation insurance. Naturally, being one of the first on the scene really helps you make a name for yourself; but I like to think that it's our service which has really set us apart - we've decided to make things even easier for pilots and aviation industry companies by offering free quotes right on our site and for existing policyholders, we've added the ability to renew right there from your own computer. It's just part of our commitment to taking the hassle out of aviation insurance," adds Ross.

For more information, please visit: http://www.leadingedgeaviationinsurance.com

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