Cover 4 Fleet Insurance Reviews And Enhances The Fleet H.A.D. Safety Program

To get the best results from the Cover 4 Fleet Insurance H.A.D. safety program, one of the final ingredients is to continually review and enhance the H.A.D. (Heightened Awareness Driving) fleet policy.

Online PR News – 27-May-2011 – – To get the best results from the Cover 4 Fleet Insurance H.A.D. safety program, one of the final ingredients is to continually review and enhance the H.A.D. (Heightened Awareness Driving) fleet policy.

As your organisation makes the program its own, ongoing value and lessons can be found by incorporating the practice of reviewing and enhancing the Cover 4 Fleet Insurance H.A.D. program. Follow these simple instructions to reap the benefits.

Firstly your organisation needs to establish a number of well-designed implementations when assessing the fleet safety program, including:

S = Stretch
M = Measure
A = Achieve
R = Realistic
T = Time

- Describe the return on the investment from indicated activities

- Assess suppliers in terms of value to the DRM program, as well as within the normal procurement criteria

- Cease and refrain from any and all further activities which are not measurable or does not add any value

There are several different variables that may increase value to the Driver Risk Management Program. It is important to remember to always reinforce good behavior, so one should consider an arrangement of gain share with each of the drivers about reducing insurance premiums. Another idea may even be considering a share of financial gain from improving fuel efficiency with the organization. Lastly, remember to assess risks and execute interventions for an employee's family and friends who have access to any of the fleet vehicles.

Remember to Reflect and Regroup

Upon beginning this long journey, it is important to know and understand what went well, what did not go well, and what happened that was different regarding previous plans. As with all cycles of improvement, the process is constant and never completed, but it is improvable. This may take different forms such as greater returns on investments and more safety improvements. The most important part of a successful review is to ensure that the accuracy of all data, therefore gaining great measures of financial benefits and risk improvement.

How to Present Savings

Consider the savings from a business as both hard and soft, meaning measurable financial and less misplaced orders, respectively. For instance, if a program saves a business approximately £50k of hard savings per year with a net profit of 5%, then sales must be increased by at least £1m to ensure the same impact to the bottom line.

Always remember to attain New Starters and bring them into the program. Then stop live records for leavers. (However, it is important to utilize good practice by retaining data on any leavers for no less than seven years.) Some organizations use risk assessments such as Driver Risk Management as part of the recruitment and selection process.

Update Policies

As in most areas of business, this vigorous process keeps getting faster and much more difficult to sustain. Policies should always indicate what has been learned from practicing Driver Risk Management, as well as the organization’s determination to continue incorporating improved Road Safety as a main mission of importance. All policies should also include any changes according to the law, as well as any technological developments, including Sat Navigation, Mobile Phones/PDAs, Active Cruise Controls or Lane Departure Warnings.

For more information on fleet safety for employers the ROSPA website is also a very helpful resource.

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