Paper Scissors Rock Launches Special Giveaway Program to stores across the US

Paper Scissors Rock sells handmade gifts to stores across the United States. They recently launched Special Giveaway Program conceived by owner Pamela Corwin, as a way to make somebody’s day brighter and spread kindness.

Online PR News – 29-May-2011 – – For many years Corwin has given away a clock every day at her retail location. "It's always the highlight of my day." says Corwin "I wait until the right person comes along, someone who loves a certain design but can't afford to buy it, or is having a bad day or lets it slip that its their birthday. I discreetly put that item in a bag, hand it to them and tell them it's a gift. Often they refuse at first but I insist, explaining that this is a Paper Scissors Rock tradition. In return I just ask that they do something kind for someone else - preferably a stranger."

Corwin has decided to expand this tradition by starting a Special Giveaway Program to her wholesale buyers. Buyers simply let her know they want to be part of the program and Paper Scissors Rock will add a free gift to each orders, which they then give to a customer, asking them to continue the chain by doing something kind for someone else.

Says Corwin "The idea is to extend kindness and generosity when it's least expected, and my hope is that my buyers will feel as rewarded by these gestures as I do."

Paper Scissors Rock stocks an ever-growing collection of wonderful handmade whimsical clocks, alarm clocks, bookmarks and more. The clocks are reproductions of the artist Pamela Corwin’s paintings. Pamela uses acrylic, watercolor, and on occasion, elements of collage for her paintings. Her work has been seen on national television and magazines such as House Beautiful, Seventeen, and Pacific Northwest have featured her playful paintings. All her work is created in her studio in Olympia, Washington.

Customers can visit the Paper Scissors Rock website to apply for a wholesale account. The company website also links to Pamela’s blog where she talks about art and her business.