Attorney Michael Wild to be Honored as Small Business Person of the Year

Michael Wild is honored to have been selected as the Small Business Person of the Year for the city of Plantation.

Online PR News – 29-May-2011 – – Plantation, FL ( onlineprnews ) May 26, 2011 - Michael D. Wild, managing partner of Wild Felice & Pardo, PA has been selected as the Small Business Person of the Year for the city of Plantation plan for his accomplishments in both private legal practice and in community and civic affairs. Over the past year, and throughout his entire legal career, Michael has provided the residents of South Florida with exceptional service and care that goes above and beyond the expected.

His extensive knowledge in the areas of Estate Planning ( ) and Asset Protection ( ), as well as his humorous and caring bedside manner, allows his clients to feel a level of assurance and security that is often missing in most encounters with legal professionals.

According to Wild: "The most important aspect of my practice is the relationship that I build with my client. I don’t see my clients as the monetary means to a self-serving end. Instead, I treat every client as if they were a family member or friend, which incidentally often leads to that relationship forming. I am often invited to dinner or other social engagements by my clients and many even attempt to marry me off to their daughters … to my wife’s chagrin. The greatest compliment I can receive from my client is them telling me that they feel safer and more secure after sitting and talking with me. The emotional security of my clients has always been a top priority.”

Attorneys often get a bad reputation due to the practice of hourly billing. When you call up most attorneys to ask a question, you receive a bill the next day for $200. When you meet with an attorney for a consultation, you can’t get out of the room without them asking for money. When you ask an attorney to draft a document or represent you in any way, you cringe at the thought of opening the bill and wonder how bad the damage will be. Michael eliminates this worry with the use of fixed fee billing.

Rather than use his knowledge to bill hourly and improve his bottom line, Michael prefers to give it freely his clients in the form of free consultation and review. He will consult on any area of law in which he practices and even review documents drafted by other attorneys at absolutely no charge. When his clients call him for questions or recommendations, he does not bill that time. At the end of the initial consultation, Michael lets his clients know what work he needs to do in order to accomplish their goals and how much it will cost for that work to get done.

"When I first meet with a client, the first question I ask is about their individual concerns. Everyone needs to have an estate plan but no estate plan should ever be cookie cutter. Even when the situations seem similar, there are always nuances that require specific attention. By charging a fixed fee as opposed to hourly billing, I am able to discuss these nuances in depth with my clients, without them worrying about the clock or the escalating bill." Said Michael: "The bottom line is, your attorney should be both the counselor and protector of your family. If you are looking for an attorney that can help you with your estate planning, asset protection or business and personal Probate ( ) needs, while providing you with a feeling of comfort and security, I'd like to help you."

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