Getting An Eye Lift Without Going Under The Knife

Eyelash extensions offer an alternative solution to surgery for a younger looking you.

Online PR News – 11-December-2009 – – Houston, TX – We’re all on a quest for the ever evasive fountain of youth. From cosmetic creams to surgical intervention, we’re searching for anything to forestall the inevitable appearance of age. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 12.1 million people underwent some type of cosmetic procedure in 2008. If you’re ready to say goodbye to those needles and knives, say hello to lash extensions, the hidden secret behind a number of today’s youthful looks.

At Etsetera Lash Studio in Houston, TX, owner Ebony Sparks says her clients are often shocked to note the youthful effects of their lash extensions. “Our clients have a variety of reasons for wanting eyelash extensions but most aren’t expecting to look younger.”

The eye-opening effects of eyelash extensions are garnering a huge following. “A darker lash line and curled, upturned extensions creates a similar appearance to that of an eye lift,” Ebony says. With the advanced training she received from Xtreme Lashes, the leading provider of eyelash extensions, Ebony says she customizes each lash application to maximize the youthful effects.

“There are specific techniques I use that can really maximize the lifted appearance of the eyes. Selecting the right lashes for the client’s eye, the perfect length and the placement of the lashes along the lash line can create a more refreshed, rested and younger-looking eye and really brighten a person’s entire face,” says Ebony.

If you’re ready to set aside the knife and give eyelash extensions a try, be prepared to set aside about two hours for your initial appointment. Ongoing maintenance takes substantially less time, with clients typically scheduling a 45-minute touch up every 3 weeks to replace any extensions that have grown out.

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About Etsetera Lash Studio: A private lash retreat located in Houston’s prestigious Galleria area, Etsetera Lash Studio specializes in the most innovative method to enhance your eyes – semi-permanent Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions. Etsetera Lashes takes an artistic approach to eyelash application, producing the most natural and beautiful effects, by custom designing each application to highlight the unique features of the client.

About the Stylist: Ebony Sparks is an Advanced Certified Lash Stylist who has been applying Xtreme Lashes for over 3 years. A former trainer for the company, she has received extensive education in lash application techniques and taught hundreds of beauty professionals around the country how to apply eyelash extensions with precision and an artistic eye. Her patience and expertise in the art of lash styling has garnered the attention and admiration of women across the nation, with clients flying in from California to DC for her services.

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