Online Tax Refund Launches Their Tax Refunds Service

The company Online Tax Refund helps clients claim rebates on their taxes by processing tax refunds.

Online PR News – 29-May-2011 – – The company Online Tax Refund helps clients claim rebates on their taxes by processing tax refunds. Year after year, most people pay more than the tax they have to and with the help of, they can easily submit a request for tax rebate by filling out the site's application form, all in less than ten minutes. Statistics indicate that at least one in three people who have worked for the past six years are due for a tax refund. This is taxpayer money and most people would do anything to get it back. Most people delay the process as they consider it to be time-consuming and daunting.

However, with the services provided by Online Tax Refund, claiming these tax refunds is now an easy and quick online process using the online tax refund application form. With its team of professionals, the company can easily get your taxes refunded legally and in a short span of time. The company sends you a list of the required documents which you can print and sign, and return to the company together with a detailed list of your earnings and the total amount of tax you have paid. The company then commissions its team of UK-based accountants and tax specialists to process the claims. None of the processes are outsourced and there are no staff overseas who work in any other location other than the UK. This standard ensures an efficient and quick communication system, and that all the processes strictly follow UK rules and regulations.

All that needs to be done is to print out, sign, and mail a copy of the online application form to the company. The company has a transparent pricing system and charges are fixed at 12.5%. An instant messaging service is integrated at the bottom of the site's webpage for the convenience of clients who need to contact the company directly for assistance. Contact forms are another mode of communication to contact the team at Online Tax Refund.