Thermal Imaging Set To Ease The Achilles Heel Of Utilities Companies

With over 12 years experience in the use of thermography in engineering applications, Red Current Ltd’s management systems have now been successfully assessed by the Achilles Group. This achievement will enable the company to provide thermographic surveys to more than 50 utilities companies in the UK.

Online PR News – 27-May-2011 – – Reading, Berkshire, UK. Following the successful assessment of its management systems, Red Current Ltd has been awarded an Achilles Verify B1 Assessment Certificate. This achievement is likely to create new opportunities for predictive maintenance contracts within the utilities sector.

The use of thermography as part of a predictive maintenance or condition based monitoring strategy, continues to grow within engineering maintenance operations. The main reasons for this are the potential cost savings associated with reductions in unnecessary preventative maintenance activities, together with increasing plant and equipment availability.

thermal imaging carried out effectively will identify plant and equipment defects long before complete system failure. This reduces unscheduled shut downs and enables remedial maintenance to be carried out with minimal effect to production operations. The technology can also reduce the overall cost of equipment maintenance by reducing un-necessary intrusive maintenance activities and extending time intervals between major overhauls. This has the added benefit of extending the equipment life-cycle, by ensuring equipment is effectively maintained throughout.

The Achilles Verify B1 assessment involves an evaluation of a company’s Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems. The assessment takes a day to complete, with the first part of the day focusing on all relevant documentation. The second part of the day evaluates each system’s practical application during a site visit.

The supplier qualifying services provided by Achilles are used by more than 50 utility companies from industries including power generation, transmission and distribution, nuclear, water, telecom and gas. In the growing market of predictive maintenance services, Red Current Ltd has demonstrated that it can provide thermal imaging services to the high quality, safety and environmental standards demanded by companies within the sector.

Kristian Westerhold, Managing Director of Red Current Ltd said “This is a fantastic achievement in the company’s first year. To get all of our management systems in place and successfully assessed to the high standards that the utilities sector demands, puts Red Current in a great position to win new business.”

Red Current Ltd is standing out from other thermal imaging companies by being one of the few that only employ thermographic survey engineers that are trained and certified by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT). This together with the successful assessment of their management systems is likely lead to future success within the utilities maintenance and engineering sector.

About Red Current Ltd.

Based in Reading, Berkshire, UK, Red Current Ltd use the most advanced thermal imaging cameras commercially available to provide thermal imaging services within electrical, mechanical and building applications throughout the UK and Europe.

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