iPhone Conversion Kit Leader SW-Box Presents kiBoard – Way to Make a Slide-out iPhone 4

The iPhone conversion kit front-runner SW-Box Co. Ltd. has launched their newest kiBoard – an iPhone 4 case with Bluetooth slide-out keyboard. This kiBoard can convert a classic iPhone 4 into a trendy slide-out iPhone with Bluetooth technology. It’s increasingly getting attention from iPhone users. They wonder, what the slide-out iPhone 4 is like.

Online PR News – 29-May-2011 – – iPhone Conversion Kit Leader SW-Box Co. Ltd. presents their newest kiBoard – iPhone 4 Case with Bluetooth Slide-out Keyboard. The kiBoard has a revolutionary design in which you can witness your iPhone 4 changing from a traditional bar phone into an eye-catching slide-out iPhone.

The kiBoard strikes the iPhone case market as long as it comes into being. Strictly speaking, it’s not just a case offering protection for the iPhone 4’s glass back cover and featuring cutouts for 3rd party accessories. It’s a [b] conversion kit [/b] that combines both a Bluetooth slide-out keyboard and a case. The moment the iPhone 4 slips into the case, it becomes a cool slide-out iPhone.

The produce of this kiBoard is a response to people’s imagination added to the iPhone. The iPhone 4 is more than just a touch screen bar phone. It has the [b] QWERTY keyboard [/b], and the slide-out style. Then this kiBoard realizes all, adding no bulk. It seems like it should be the natural invention following iPhone 4.

“ki means ‘energy’ in Japanese. Energy in terms of flow in the context of life and work, balance and happiness. All as a result of using this really cool case with a physical keyboard. We think it's actually a very meaningful and relevant name actually.” Stated by Celia, Director of Public Relations of SW-Box.

Using Bluetooth 2.0, it’s a breeze to pair [url=http://www.yourwebsite.com/somepage.html] kiBoard [/url] to iPhone 4. Modern metal hugs the edges of the wireless keyboard and the rubberized exterior surface ensures non-slip grip. The LED indicator tells people charging and pairing status. A USB cable is included too.

“It’s great news for those big fingers.” A comment from a market research employee of SW-Box, “Many customers complain that the iPhone 4 is not so great since they have big fingers. The mistyping problem always happens and now this kiBoard can solve it perfectly.”

Actually this is exciting news for all trend sensitive iPhone conversion fanatics. This time what they customize is not the color of iPhone 4, but the unique design and life style. With the price tag of USD $29.97, it is affordable for these iPhone players too.

Now kiBoard is available on http://www.sw-box.com
Or you can watch the video of kiBoard via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q3S8yElDFY

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