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Online PR News – 27-May-2011 – – The Leader of the FREEWORLD

Efemena "Tim-Bo" an American/Nigerian Sophomore at College, in the States. Efemena was raised in many cities across the world; Lome, Lagos, London, New York City, and many other places. Business was an easy thing for "Tim-Bo" at a young age. His first successful business venture, was organizing a soccer league. It started as a discussion between three good friends on their way back from school in Lome, Togo. They came up with an idea of a soccer league, and they delegated their job tasks. Adebowale Adekanola who was the accountant/treasurer, Chuma Offor who was the marketing/branding manager, and Efemena "Tim-Bo" would organize the event. They were only in the Eighth Grade, at the British School of Lome, and the league netted about 120,000cfa in profit. As a kid at school, Efemena had always shown to be different. Efemena always stood out from everyone with his ideas, views, actions, height and beliefs in life, giving him the nickname in middle school "TimbothaKing”. Every event hosted by Efemena has helped charities, people and stimulated the district’s economy.
In 2008, Efemena had an idea, and came up with mykrl.com. "A streamer of news events", he called it. Users had great difficulty grasping the innovative idea, Efemena became discouraged, and decided to shutdown the site. Efemena in Feburary 2011, relaunched the website with a different name, after shutting it down for months. The website started generating about 100 views a day and has had no major marketing.
The versatile website is called Feedsto.com

Feedsto features include giving users local news, based on your location around the world. It does not follow other website formats, that require internet users information or location. Feedsto attains information from databases. Gathered website information from databases are organizied according to popularity, the website concept, traffic, and location of the website in the world. A good example will be, if a user chooses Kenya he will only get the latest updates or news going on in Kenya, but not in the USA. Users get to stay up to date with information, of what is going on, when ever Kenya is mentioned, or when ever a website posts something new about Kenya, or from popular sites in Kenya. Feedsto also has a cool feature that it suggests articles relating to the original post or attains from the users browsing habits. Efemena says, users most FAQ is, why the homepage is not featured in my native language. The simple response is, not everyone speaks your native language. The information posted on the homepage is from around the world, highlighting where new things are being posted currently on the internet. Efemena realized a high demand for information of the internet. Internet users want to be alert, up to date, and structured the site with a global format.
Feedsto isn’t only a news website, they are some other cool features on the site like a free shopping zone, where everything cost 0.00. Yes, it is a "FREEWORLD". Puzzled, how it works. Efemena says, users are rewarded for their online participation and engagement on the site. Basically the more people, that go on Feedsto every day, the more funds or stuff available for users to enjoy for free. This is basically the first website in the world that repays it users, instead of pocketing funds into their accounts. “Power to the users”. Everyone that signs up, basically owns the website, and the success lies on it is users participation. Feedsto.com also gets funding from other sources and is self-funded by Efemena “Tim-Bo”. A user signs up for free and gets great services, events, and products for free. Efemena has decided to add a sign up form, where business owners can post free promotions deals. A few examples would be, free complimentary magazines, free food sample stands when they have a new product on sale at a store, free giveaways or festivals, free events, hosting i.e a talent get-together, street shows on a high street and any creative free things or ideas you want to post up. Your ideas, products and work will reach a network of people. The website already has 500+ free stuff to do, and is expanding. They are no gimmicks or commitments. Feedsto promises users that post events or stuff to the website a free service, and users are guaranteed free goods or services for eternity. You do not lose card points or make a devil contract deal with the site.
Traditional ways of finding free things, have proven ineffective. If you use a search engine, you are not guaranteed first position on results for a promo event, costly to promote things, especially when it is for something that is "FREE" and then the worst likely event is when a user gives information away to dubious websites promising something for free, and ends up getting a virus attached to your laptop. Feedsto eradicates these problems. It gives users the opportunity of getting free stuff, learning how to live a free life from tips, free samples at store location or places in the world holding these events and users who sign up to the website will be given free things at random. An example would be, a school project that you desperately need help financing, Feedsto.com, is their for you, and you will never have to repay back. Efemena believes in a "FREEWORLD" literally, not politically. Efemena plans to bring an environment that helps people save, and bring back the virtue of good business promoting brand loyalty. Efemena says "The best things in life are for Free, because they have no assigned value. Look at your life, the great architect of the universe or Superior Being or God, created a beautiful, and intelligent Co-Exsistance for free. We forget on this costly expensive planet, that we have a free trip around the Sun, and they are Billions of Earth like planets in our universe, waiting for mankind to exploit. The best things in life are for free, not the most expensive. "

Visit Feedsto.com and explore.