The Miraculous Liquid Supplement Avia Is Now Available To The Public

Countless numbers of health supplements are available in the market today. Though there are countless numbers of health supplements, not all of them live upto their promises. However, Avia, the miraculous liquid supplement is one of a kind product that keeps up all its promises, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 16-May-2009 – – IL, May 16, 2009 - “We have already announced the launch of the ultimate liquid supplement product- Avia. This time released liquid supplement is no longer a secret. This unique nutrition supplement product is now available to the public. Many people have already joined our site to know more about this unique nutrition supplement. We have started supplying this time released liquid supplement to all the people who have joined us through our website by the pre-launch period. Avia is in huge demand now and hence will be of only limited availability. We will increase the production of Avia in the near future so that millions of people around the planet will be able to experience the benefits of this miraculous potion” says Shawni groezinger of

Speaking about Avia, the time released liquid supplement in more detail, Shawni said, “Avia is the only effective product available in the market to prevent cell damage and free radicals. For obtaining the maximum efficiency, Avia is made as a blend of three best nutrition formulas. This is not just another hype created to sell a nutritional supplement. This product has been tested by the medical practitioners and even they were surprised with the results. Apart from preventing cell damage, Avia also provides ultimate protection against inflammation. The benefits of using Avia are not limited. Test results have confirmed that this unique time released liquid supplement helps the body to build great immune system in the body to prevent diseases like asthma, diabetes, certain allergies, skin conditions and many other cardiovascular diseases. According to us, Avia can be explained as a bottle of health. Yes that’s true you can now by health in a bottle.”

Speaking on the move, Shawni said, “Synaura and maqui berry are the main ingredients of Avia. If you are well aware of the medicinal herbs, you will be well aware of the above mentioned ingrediants of Avia. Maqui berry has many medical benefits. Oxygen radical absorbing capability is one of the noticeable medical properties of maqui berry. In Avia, maqui berry is combined with many other nutrients to form a perfect blend of time released liquid supplement.

About Avia

Avia Is a super formula. It is blended with 3 other formulas to obtain maximum defense against cell damage and free radicals. Avia is also the worlds FIRST time release liquid supplement. Your body is protected all day long.

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