CGG News: AK 2i New Edition will be released soon on June 2011.
05/27/2011 just confirmed by AK team that a new edition AK 2i will be coming soon by the middle of June 2011, below is the news details,

Online PR News – 27-May-2011 – – Good news.

We were just informed by AK team that a new edition AK 2i will be coming soon by the middle of June.

Due to the feedback from the user, the most problem for AK card is the connection does not work very well. And sometimes, the card even do work. Users have to eject the Acekard and insert it back to the DS console, and this action maybe need to repeat for several times. or use the ‘paper trick’ solution to make the card work on DS console as below link,

Below is the message from AK team,

Yes,it’s caused by the connection problem.Please suggest the customer to try the “paper trick” or eject his Acekard and insert it back with his DSi is power on,usually after repeating this action several times, the Acekard can be detected by the DS console.

Yes,we are going to change a new kind of shell and PCB board for Acekard 2i,just to fix the bad connection problem.These “new” AK2i will be ready at the mid of next month. :)

CoolGadgetsGift, as an authorized reseller of AK card, we are happy to share this news to you since it is a improvement on AK card and expect the new edition will come soon. Since it surely will bring user a new and nice experience after all the feedback from the current users.

It is said that the new Edition AK card is supposed to be work on the latest DSi V1.4.2 firmware directly, which means user does not need to upgrade the card any more. Since the PCB board will be modified. Of course, a new shell will come too alone with the new AK 2i.

From the above message, you can see that AK team is trying to beat the clone with their best in order to bring a good experience to user.In here, we also want to give a suggestion to the AK buyer, do not waste money for the clone or fake AK 2i just because the price is very cheap. Please get more knowledge about how to differ the real one and the fake by following link,

It is suggested not buy AK card from the site, which sells many flashcards, such as ak 3ds or other fake r4 card, if you see there are big price difference( here refer to several bucks, like $3-$5). Not a good idea if you met problem, those fake cards does not have a good solution to you but only just ask you to wait.