William launching his New Website

William who is a well known and very popular in Programming Field launching his website about Pointers in C.

Online PR News – 28-May-2011 – – William is well known programmer. He decided to share his knowledge with whole world. William has launched his website about Pointer in C. As pointer is most difficult and powerful concept so William decided to share his great knowledge with the world so that he can help the students who are having weak pointers concept.
His Website pointersinc.tk is having basic concepts for beginners and also having deep advance level concepts for advance learners. Pointers are having a great memory implementation so it is described there in a very clear and understanding way.
Pointersinc.tk have every concept regarding pointers are described in a very understanding way. How memory is dynamically allocated using pointers and how it is used in C, C++ and also in Java. Don’t take this pointers concept as a light because this is a very powerful concept and without pointers the programming seems to be incomplete. Without pointers a programmer can never make a great project. If any one want to make a great project then you must know pointers because without the effective use of pointers in programming a great project can never be built.
He is also going to upload some of the great projects which illustrate the effective use of pointers so that students can also take help from those projects.
William is hoping to finish his website by end of july but you can still access basic pointers tutorials which are online now.