The Disaster Recovery Hour Available On Podcast

You Can't Turn On The News Or Pick Up A Paper Without Learning Of The Destruction Of Homes, Lives And Businesses Caused By Natural Disasters. The Disaster Recovery Hour Is Raising Awareness For Disaster Preparedness And Recovery.

Online PR News – 26-May-2011 – – Teaneck, NJ, 24 May 2011-The Disaster Recovery radio show can be heard in its entirety on podcast. The podcast series is free and available at iTunes or by email subscription. “Feedback from our audience indicated that listeners would like to have the option of having the show downloaded to their iPods and personal computers, making listening more convenient especially for other time zones and countries” stated Bill Moraites, Producer.

The Disaster Recovery Hour hosted by Chris Plunkett airs every Tuesday at 1pm live on WVNJ 1160 AM in the NY, Tri-State area. The show is also heard streaming online from the website: Chris Plunkett and his expert guests discuss and provide information on preparedness and protocols surrounding disasters large and small that touch all of our lives. Reporting on disasters and how they affect homeowners, businesses and communities, Chris interviews professionals and contingency planners that have first hand experience and expertise dealing with emergencies. Government representatives provide vital source information while insurance representatives educate the listener on coverage and procedure. The Disaster Recovery Hour focuses on steps to preparedness, recovery and restoration, with examples of actual Disasters and how Recovery was achieved.

The host Chris Plunkett, owns and operates CPP an Emergency Services/Restoration Company, and in doing so saw the need to increase awareness and inform the public on what to do before, during and after disaster strikes. He often refers to DRH radio as a public service.

Preparedness - It’s a topic that due to human nature needs to be brought to the forefront by shows such as The Disaster Recovery Hour. As Chris discussed with the Recovery Diva, Claire Rubin, recently on the May 24th show “it’s reactionary business”, we’re not getting ahead of and anticipating enough things to be as ready as we should be” stated Ms. Rubin. Claire Rubin, President of Claire B. Rubin & Assoc., is a social scientist with 33 years of experience in emergency management and homeland security. Her experience includes independent researcher, consultant, and educator.

The general public and the disaster preparedness and recovery community can participate in the live show by calling in or posting comments or questions on the website. Anyone can become part of the Disaster Recovery/preparedness community on Facebook and/or Twitter.

The response to The Disaster Recovery Hour from around the state, around the country and the world has been greater than anticipated. From Haiti to Japan and recently Mississippi and Joplin, MO natural disasters are and will continue to occur which require the assistance and experience of the emergency services community, worldwide.

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