Global Vinyls Market Analysis And Forecasts to 2020

Demand from China Will Be the Major Driver for Global PVC Market

Online PR News – 11-December-2009 – – China will be the principal driver of global vinyls demand until 2020. Rapid increase in downstream capacity additions, primarily geared towards export markets, and the fast growth of the domestic construction industry were the main drivers of vinyls demand in China. The Chinese government is currently undertaking a $600 billion investment program to develop infrastructure in interior China, which will be the main driver of vinyls demand in the future. China has the world’s largest vinyls capacity using acetylene feedstock and half of the future capacity additions will also be based on acetylene feedstock. Acetylene prices are linked to coal prices and insulate most of the Chinese vinyls producers from the large volatility in the international crude oil prices. China has some of the largest reserve of coal in the world and the need to reduce the dependence on imported crude oil for feedstock is driving the vinyls capacity additions using acetylene as a feedstock.
Even with these large capacity additions coming up in the country, China will continue to be the largest importer of vinyls in the world.The Chinese vinyls demand will grow by more than 10% annually and will account for 18% of the global EDC demand and 34% of the global VCM demand in 2020.

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The vinyls demand growth during the last decade in the Middle East region was the second highest after the Asia Pacific region. The demand was driven by large scale construction projects in Iran and Saudi Arabia, which are some of the largest exporting countries of crude oil and natural gas in the world, and the high oil prices of the past few years have immensely benefited their economies. These countries have undertaken large multi-billion dollar projects to develop the physical infrastructure and industrialization in their economies, driven by the need to invest the windfall revenues earned from high crude oil prices and also to generate jobs for local nationals. Demand from construction applications account for 85% of the region’s vinyls demand and the large construction projects will drive the demand for vinyls in this sector, and also the larger Middle East market. The growth of VCM and EDC capacities in Iran and Saudi Arabia will drive the Middle East vinyls market until 2020.

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GBI Research’s ‘Global Vinyl Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2020’ provides in-depth analysis of the global vinyls industry. The study provides volume forecasts for Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) and Ethylene dichloride (EDC) to 2020. Detailed analysis and forecasts of the major economic and market trends, both historic and forecast, affecting the vinyls markets in all the major regions of the world have been undertaken. The research includes VCM and EDC demand and production forecasts for major regions of the world. Demand, production and trade analysis for VCM and EDC for the major markets within each region is also provided. Market share analysis of major vinyls producers by region is also included in this comprehensive report covering all the major parameters.

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