"Marketing Readiness" Workshop for Small and Mid-size Companies

Attendees Learn to Invest Marketing Dollars Only When Ready

Online PR News – 15-May-2009 – – Guilford, CT; INTAgLIO Business Solutions has announced a High Impact Marketing Workshop for small and midsize companies that want to assess their readiness before investing in the right people, processes, systems, programs and campaigns.

The purpose of this two and one-half hour workshop is to help attendees identify the essential ingredients for their marketing environment. This will prepare them to make prioritized decisions for closing marketing gaps, which sets the stage for expecting a realistic return on their investment.

"Marketing-ready companies turn marketing into a strategic asset", stated John Bernardi, INTAgLIO's Owner. "They are persistent, steady, patient investors of time and money. They understand that an excellent customer experience is the only differentiator. They implement a consistent strategy, but appreciate the need to do things differently in order to reach the next plateau. They leverage competencies, competitive advantages, brand identity and touch points. They balance campaign execution and selling."

This facilitated workshop is available for individual companies or during a professional association event.