Pinoy Tawag Unlimited - UNLIMITED Calling from the US to the PHILIPPINES

Cristel Telecom brings ‘Pinoy Tawag’ Unlimited Calling from USA/Canada to the Philippines

Online PR News – 11-December-2009 – – November 24, 2010 Chicago Illinois

Never before has overseas calls from the United States/Canada to the Philippines been so easy and affordable than when Cristel Telecom, a successful pioneer in the distribution of prepaid long distance phone cards in Continental USA, devised a new plan called, Pinoy Tawag Unlimited Calls.

Designed to give its customers the luxury and satisfaction of unlimited calling to the Philippines anytime without the fear of running a huge long distance bill, Pinoy Tawag is fast gaining the patronage of Filipino Americans whose desire to be regularly in touch with their families and loved ones in the Philippines has not waned despite the economic downturn.

Benefits and Advantages of Subscribing to Pinoy Tawag

As an international phone service, Pinoy Tawag is by far the most hassle-free, most economical, straight-forward, one fee, talk-all-you -can monthly calling plan available in the market. It is your very own 24-hour Hotline to the Philippines from the U.S. or Canada and a reliable way to get connected to your party in the Philippines anytime you please.

Pinoy Tawag is very user friendly. There’s no need for internet connection, computer or other complicated electronic gadgets that can make your life miserable. Unlike phone cards, you can talk up to five-thousand minutes per month for one low fee of $49.95. There are no rounding, junk fees, or roaming charges. You can call from anywhere in North America and talk to your party in the Philippines just like calling your next door neighbor

To top it all, Pinoy Tawag requires no long-term contract to subscribe and therefore, you can stop your subscription anytime without incurring penalties or charges except your flat monthly fee.

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