FileZoomer Adds File Compression to S3 to Save Time and Money

Free Windows and Mac Java app adds file compression to reduce Amazon S3 storage and bandwidth costs, speed file transfers.

Online PR News – 27-May-2011 – – FileZoomer, a free Windows and Mac client for accessing and managing Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) cloud storage, has added automatic file compression, a feature that can reduce S3 cost for both bandwidth and storage. FileZoomer is available for free download at

“When you turn on FileZoomer’s new file compression you get significantly faster uploads and downloads which saves money on your monthly S3 bill from Amazon,” said Stephen Campbell, President of My Docs Online. “FileZoomer’s new compression option also results in lower ongoing storage charges. In our testing some file types are compressed up to 80 per cent.”

Other FileZoomer features include intuitive file and folder upload and download, S3 bucket creation, moving folders and files between buckets, and a View feature to read documents and view or listen to media files without saving files on your computer.

FileZoomer also makes it easy to create public sharable links to files in an S3 account, including optional link expiration.

FileZoomer was developed using Java and uses Java Web Start to make updates automatic and painless. The FileZoomer beta version can be downloaded at

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